Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AMA Flat Track: Jared Mees & Blue Springs H-D Get You Up to Date With Some Video Action in Grand National Racing

2009 AMA Flat Track Grand National Twins Champion Jared Mees is seen talking to Cycle's Larry Lawrence (through wheel, in sunglasses) during the program delay at the Springfield Mile on May 29, round 6 of the 2011 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship Series, and the first Twins Series event on the year.  Mees' immaculately prepped stable of #9 Rogers Lake/Blue Springs H-D/Lucas Oil/Saddlemen-sponsored XR-750s sit at the ready behind him in his pit area as the fans stream by and peek at the action off the track.

Jammin Jared's win at the Memorial Day classic on the Illinois State Fairgrounds was the stuff legends are made of, especially when those legends contest the tracks on the AMA Grand National Championship calendar.  Springfield, besides having the distinction of having the series only double-double rounds for some time now, also is known for it's own legendary status amongst the sport's elite over the decades.  With the return to the winner's spot on the top of the box for the first time in almost four years, Mees also now adds his name to the list of greats who have achieved that goal at the fastest mile on the circuit's schedule.

Mees and his Rogers Lake/Blue Springs Racing team also backed up the first 2011 Twins Series event win with another some 12 days later at the Hartford Half-Mile in Michigan.  In between Grand National weekends, he visited Peoria Speedway and the Peoria TT as part of the Steve Nace Racing/AMA All-Star Racing Series, and won both of those events, probably just to keep fresh.  (Yeah, right!)  Of course, in both the Singles and Twins Series events on the Steve Nace schedule, he is running away with and leading the point standings after 6 of 11 scheduled rounds.  (And I believe he is running the Independence Day event in Maryland as well as the Virginia event the day before the Hagerstown National.) 

Mees has more then proven that he is a racer's racer.  During the off-season, he regularly races several West Coast events (Gene Romero's and Eddie Mulder's Series) and regularly wins, and he also runs the ICE Speedway Championship Series, where over this last off-season he won the championship, again.  And with his extremely strong run of solid finishes, especially over the course of the last 2 1/2 years on the Grand National circuit, he has racked up solid, good point-paying results  He was the first Twins Champion in the sport to ever win the championship without a series win on the year.  The man who rides the Brent Armbruster-prepped Rogers Lake machines knows how to bring it home, and bring it home solid.  The two wins at Springfield and Hartford were the true icing on the cake in terms of finishing off those solid results over the course of the last three seasons (and we still have 13 scheduled events left in 2011!)

Mees left last weekend's event at Lima, where he finished a very strong 5th on the day, 3rd in the overall championship standings in the 2011 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship Series, behind series leader Sammy Halbert and runner-up Jake Johnson, where he now sits 31 points behind Slammin Sammy (186 points) and just 6 points behind Johnson (161 points.)  With a weekend off to go play in the All-Star Series, they will all roll in to Hagerstown, MD. on July 9, unload, and do it again for the first of 13 more races this year.  And you can pretty much bet (if you are the betting type, of which I'm not, just sayin.....) that The Jammer and the Rogers Lake/Blue Springs team will be there, and ready to go with the #9 machines, to bring home more of those rock hard results.  And maybe another step, or two, atop the box along the way.

Just like The Rolling Thunder Show, this train is coming fast and it's not going to slow down for anyone!

We want to take the time to thank Jared Mees, Rogers Lake/Blue Springs H-D and The Fast and for bringing us this great action from two of the great events this year on the 2011 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship Series schedule.

For those of you not familiar with Will Fulford and Yve Assad, they are some of the hardest working people at an AMA Pro Flat Track event.  Between the wonderful photos and videos they bring to the table to showcase the great sport of The Rolling Thunder Show, these folks put a truckload of work into the quality of their products.  If you aren't checking out their stuff, you are missing the action!

In this video we see and hear from Jared and the Rogers Lake/Blue Springs crew about Springfield:

And in this video, we see the team again go to town at the Hartford Half-Mile:

And for some great action wrap-up from the 2010 season, you can review this 'fist fight in a phone booth' full of highlights for the year:

And you can catch some of Yve and Will's other work here on their site, The Fast and  Well worth the visit!

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