Friday, July 31, 2009

Jamie Hacking Withdraws from Topeka-Also Due to Safety Concerns...

Due to safety concerns with the track, Jamie Hacking, current rider of the
Attack Kawasaki 600 in the AMA Daytona Sportbike Series, and former
600 Supersport and SuperStock Champion, has also withdrawn from competition from the Heartland Park Topeka Tornado Nationals.
Read the press release here, and thanks to the fine folks at for the link:

The shot above is of Jamie on the Team Monster Kawasaki ZX-10 at Road America in June 2008.

Mat Mladin Announces He Will Retire at The End of The '09 Season...

It is with great sadness that news comes to us from the folks at that 6-Time AMA Superbike Champion--
and still possibly 7 after this year--Mat Mladin will retire at the end
of the 2009 season.
Having obviously been on the end of a what he has surely felt like a
losing game with the takeover of the AMA Road Racing Series by the Daytona Motorcycle Group and the difference of opinions on how a professional motorcycle series should be run, and coupled with the fact that he withdrew from this w/e's competition at Topeka's Heartland Park event due to some overlooked safety issues on the part of said AMA/DMG people, it is not surprising to see him ride off into the sunset on top of his game. The hush you
hear now is the air being let out of the bag as the motorcycle racing community mourns the loss--on track--of one of the all-time true champions.
You can read the official announcement here as you catch your breath and pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming:

It's been a GREAT ride Mat! We will definitely miss your spirit, enthusiasm, direction, and most assuredly your zeal to whip ass! Thanks for all you have done for the true road racing fans in America--and all over the world!

Mat Mladin Will NOT Ride at Topeka This W/E...

....and you can read about the safety issues here thanks to the super people at

Here is the release from Mat:

And here is more on this issue thanks to the great people at :

...and this link from the fine people at that if you take the time to read
the comments from other readers, pretty much mirrors the overall disgust being waged by
not only Mat, but the fans as well:

Take note people--the way things have gone this year with the AMA/DMG (Damaged Motorcycle Guys) in our beloved AMA/US Superbike Series, the chances of seeing Mad Mat
race in the US after this year are getting VERY slim..........

Shortly after I made this post, Mat Mladin announced his retirement from racing at the end
of the 2009 season. That cloud that just popped up over your head is the darkness being felt
but anyone and everyone that has seen Mat race over the years.......

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check out for Some Classic Cafe Racers..

Thanks to my buddy Larry Lawrence for posting the link to the above website on his
own website the other day.

Pipeburn is a wonderful collection of classic and modern day cafe racers that guys like
Larry and I grew up with--and yearned and drooled for at the same time. The folks at Pipeburn have collected and posted some wonderful links and pics that pretty much showcase the classics as well as the 'one-offs' that so many of today's bike builders are coming out and up with.

You seem to hear more of the 'chopper' craze across the general mainstream media, since shows like 'American Chopper' and the such have showered the masses--and cable/satellite tv--with. But to the hard-core motorcyclist, builder, racefan, and true afficianado of the overall aspect of the motorcycle custom and racing scene, as well as the growth of the industry as a whole in how it relates to the many ways you CAN customize scooters, well, then is a MUST see and read!!

Check it out, I promise you won't be dissapointed, and I will do my best to post some pics in the next few days from the Barber Museum that I shot in '07 that will help to spruce up the moment. Enjoy! And thanks again Larry for finding such a jewel! You ARE the man!!