Sunday, January 31, 2010

Andrew Stroud Still Kickin' A** and Taking Names in Superbike Competition Down Under in New Zealand

For those of you who have followed the AMA Road Racing scene in the last two or three decades, the name Andrew Stroud probably rings up memories of Formula Xtreme Championships in the late '90s for Erion Racing, as well as riding for Dutchman Racing in the EBC Endurance Series in the early '90s. So what would a guy who traveled half way around the world to run the U.S. series be doing today at the ripe young age of 43? Superbike racing..........and winning, to boot, in his homeland of New Zealand. And from what I was able to find on him, doing a heck of a job of it at that, and not just this season. He HAS been for several seasons. The guy must be an ironman to still be jammin' it WFO on a superbike after all these years. Not that 43 is THAT old, but for racing finely and highly tuned superbikes, that's a dinosaur.
Mr. Stroud first hit the U.S. scene, at least to my meager remembrances, in the early '90s racing the big GSXR1100's for Dutchman, and then won the Formula Extreme class in '97 riding a Honda CBR900/929-based open bike for Erion Racing. And that year he won 7 of 9 races for the season. So it's not like he just has had a little fluff to spread around here and there, he wrote the book for consistency and bringing it home on the top of the box. But that's not all....
One of Andrew's other accomplishments that I recall is he helped the late John Britten ride and develop the Britten V1000 that he had designed, engineered and built from the ground up back in the late '80s and early '90s. The Britten motorcycle was on the edge of not only refined and superb craftsmanship and design, but it was almost impossible to build your own race bike to go against the 'Big 4' and compete at ANY level with them. You can read about the Britten's here and see what an accomplishment John Britten made to the world of motorcycle racing before his too early and untimely death:
So when I saw that one and young Mr. Andrew Stroud was still kickin' a** and taking names in motorcycle racing, and now back closer to home half way around the world, I not only thought how friggin' cool but that I needed to drag a few shots out of him from back in the day to help him to celebrate his race wins and career accomplishments. It's great to hear and see this kind of thing out of people you have followed over the years, and this guy was and still is one of the best. You can also read the official news right here thanks to John and his people at, the great folks at New Zealand Superbike at Blogspot as well as
While you are reading up on Andrew Stroud, I'll fill you in on Stu's Shots for today.
While racing for Dutchman Racing in the '92 season at Mid Ohio, the top shot shows Stroud having the reigns handed over to him on the big GSXR1100 by his team mate Scott 'Z-Man' Zampach. As a sister event to the Superbike class and the 600/750 classes in those days,
EBC sponsored the EBC Endurance Series events that ran as a three hour show on one of the days throughout the weekend. As a capper event for those guys that year, they ran what they called the Monster Bike Shootout before Sunday's main 600 and Superbike events. It was a five lap shoot out, included the standard starts, WITH a rider switch thrown in for good measure. Hey, part of endurance events IS switching off, right?!
The second shot is Dutchman team mates Andrew Stroud (L) and Scott Zampach (R) on the grid for the intros for the Monster Bike Shootout at high noon on Sunday.
Next up is Z-Man on the #1 Dutchman GSXR following the #25 Fastline/MCM Racing on their Suzuki GSXR1100 and #9 Team America on their Honda CBR900/929-based endurance mount.
We then see Dutchman leading #13 M2 Racing on their CBR900/929-based bike out of the pits after a rider switch. And to close out today's post, last but not least a shot of Andrew flashing past the start/finish line and pits during his stint on the big Dutchman Gixxer.
Thanks again for taking the time to hang out with us here at Stu's Shots and we hope your stay has been pleasant. And we look forward to being able to host your presence again soon. Take care, God Bless, and have a great week!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks to Brett at Triumph Flat!

I just want to say thanks again to Brett over at for putting up some more shots of mine from back in the day. You're a good man, Brett, and I appreciate the help any way I can get it!
The shot above was taken in '75 at Terre Haute and you can check it and a couple of others out from back in the day over at Brett's site right here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Doug Henry To Race X-Games SnoCross Event This Weekend

Multi-time AMA Motocross and Supercross Champion Doug Henry, who was paralyzed in
an AMA Supermoto event back in March of '07, is scheduled to race the SnoCross Adaptive
event at the ESPN X-Games this coming weekend in Aspen, CO.
Having suffered a career ending crash back in '07, Doug has been busy not only with his
rehab schedule, but with some off-road riding as well. He has been riding a special motocross
bike that was adapted to his lower paralysis injury that shows that he hasn't lost any of his touch
since his injury. You can see the video of Doug practicing below as well as Doug's bio as supplied
by the AMA Hall of Fame from his induction in 2005. I've also thrown in some basic links
on the X-Games, an interesting article about the Adaptive series, and some more info on Doug as well:
We wish Doug the very best not only for this upcoming event this weekend, but in his
quest to come back from such a severe injury as well. A fierce competitor who was truly
one of the nice and fast guys in the sport, it will be good to see him in competition again!
The shots attached to today's post are from the Road America round of the AMA Supermoto
competition in June of 2005, a little over a year and a half before his injury. These are a general
offering of Doug in the pits with his Graves Motorsports Yamaha team including Team Yamaha racing manager Keith McCarty off to the side of the transporter, Doug's supermoto tuner under
the awning in another, as well as his lovely wife Stacy during the weekend's event that was run in conjunction with the annual AMA Road Race at Elkhart Lake's scenic track.
Update Tues. 2/2/10:
Doug ended up finishing 3rd and medaled in the competition over the w/e. Congrats to Doug and you can see the results here:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jason DiSalvo Leaving AMA Road Racing to Ride for ParkinGo Triumph in World Supersport for 2010...

Add Jason DiSalvo's name to a growing list of former American racers who have competed
in the U.S.-based AMA Road Racing series that are headed acrossed the pond to contest
the World Supersport or World Superbike series for the 2010 season.
Per the official releases from Jason and from the ParkinGo Triumph World Supersport Team
as shown below, Jason will be riding a Daytona 675-based three cylinder for them for the
'10 season. You can read the official releases below thanks to the great folks at
ParkinGo folks at
This is another blow to the AMA series, having already lost Chaz Davies and Roger Lee Hayden. Davies will be DiSalvo's team mate on the ParkinGo Team for the 2010 season, and Roger Lee
will be riding a satellite Kawasaki for Team Pedercini in the World Superbike series as was
reported several posts ago. With the economic fall out adding to the woes of the mis-managed
series under the helm of the DMG folks, the U.S. series is taking a beating and we are only
six-some odd weeks out until all of the teams show up for Daytona the first week of March.
Adding to the series woes are the slimmed-down purses and the lack of some factory involvement and the U.S. series is looking pretty weak right now.
Hopefully with the new people from the DMG in charge this year, they still have a chance to build something back up from the stripped and weakened series. Having at one time been considered a world class series, the AMA series is now considered a skeleton of it's former self. Again you can't rule out the economy, but the mis-managed series did a great job of shooting itself in the foot several times throughout the 2009 season to put it in the position it is now. Here's hoping they can turn our once illustrious U.S.-based championship around to it's once prominent stature.
While you are reading up on Jason's move across the pond, I'll fill you in on today's Stu's Shots
to go along with today's posting.
First up is a shot of Jason on his #40 Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 while practicing for the
2006 AMA Superstock race at Road America in the turn 8 area. Then we have a shot of Jason
from the '05 season at Mid Ohio as he runs with Aaron Yates on the #20 Team Yoshimura
Suzuki GSXR1000 during the Superstock final event that weekend.
Also from the '05 season we see Jason chasing Aaron Yates again into turn 14 during the
Superstock final at Road America. Roger Lee Hayden on the #95 Team Kawasaki ZX10R is
keeping them within reach as well. Then from the '06 race weekend we have a shot of a couple
of Chuck Graves' finest as they button-up Jason's #40 Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6, getting
it set for the 600 Supersport final later in the weekend also at Road America.
And last but not least is another shot out of turn 8 at Road America during practice for the '06
Superstock race of Jason whipping it up on his Graves R1.
We wish Jason all of the best in his future endeavors for the upcoming season, and we'll be
keeping an eye on him as he takes on the world scene. With the progression seen last year
of the ParkinGO team, maybe the addition of Jason and Chaz for this year will help all of them
move further up the podium and the standings.
And thanks to you for coming by to hang with us here at Stu's Shots. It should be an exciting year, if not a challenging one, at that. And we are looking forward to bringing you more of
the archives of Stu's Shots to go along with the exciting racing in the upcoming season. God Bless and we hope to see you back here again soon!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ben Bostrom Set For AMA Superbike for 2010

Former '98 AMA Superbike and '08 AMA SuperSport Champion Ben Bostrom has been confirmed to ride a Pat Clark Motorsports Yamaha R1 in the 2010 AMA Superbike Series.
With all of the late announcements due to not only the economy but the past dealings with
the AMA/DMG folks, it's good to see a rider of Ben's caliber-and personality-back in the
paddock again for the upcoming season. Although the fields could be slim this year due to
the 'downsizing' of not only the series and the payouts, hopefully with the major changes
announced with the AMA between the holidays the series will still have the chance of being turned around from the debacle of the '09 season. But that is another story for another time...
This is about Ben, and being able to see what is now one of the 'elder' statesmen in the series
returning for the 2010 season can only be good. Besides raising the level of competition on the
track, he brings a level head in terms of safety and sheer ability. Not to mention a great
personality to go along with. And returning on a Yamaha, albeit a satellite effort, should help
to keep Ben up towards the front of the field. Bravo and it will be good to see him back!
Thanks to the great folks at and for the links to the official team releases below!
While reading up on the official releases, the shots for today's updates are various shots of
Ben Bostrom over the course of the last 13 years or so.
From the top we have Ben leading on the #1 Vance and Hines Ducati over his team mate
Anthony Gobert on the #95 early in the superbike final at Mid Ohio in July of '99. Ben won
the '98 AMA Superbike Championship while riding for Team Honda, hence the #1 plate instead
of his more recognizable 11/155 number plate as he has or had raced with for over a decade and
a half now.
Next up is a shot of Ben on the #155 Parts Unlimited Ducati chasing his team mate #100 Neil
Hodgson during race one of the Road America weekend in 2006. This was shot in the turn 7 area as they also battle with the #22 Team Kawasaki effort of Tommy Hayden and the #20
Team Yoshimura Suzuki effort of Aaron Yates.
Then we see Ben qualifying his Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 Superstock machine for the '07
event at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.
One of Ben's very first superbike rides is next as he catches some air during practice for the '97
AMA Mid Ohio Superbike event while riding the Honda RC-45 of Team Zero Gravity. His
ride this weekend and the rest of the year helped him garner the Team Honda ride for '98.
And last but not least we see Ben on the Team Honda CBR1000RR during race one of the Mid
Ohio AMA Superbike event of 2004.
Congrats to Ben Bostrom for the new ride and we look forward to seeing you on the track again
here in the States for 2010!
And thanks to you for coming by and sharing your time with Stu's Shots. You rock!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bryan Smith Signs With Werner Springsteen Racing Kawasaki For The 2010 AMA Flat Track Season....

In what could turn out to be THE super team in AMA Flat Track for the upcoming season,
Bryan Smith has stepped on board with Bill Werner AND Jay Springsteen to ride a Kawasaki
650 Ninja-based twin and 450 single in each of the flat track series this year.
Smith, who has been one, if not THE most consistent rider in terms of scoring top points finishes
in each of the last four or five years, will team with the all-time leader in championships when it
comes to Mr. Super Tuner, Bill Werner. Werner, having won his first of 13 championships with
Gary Scott back in '75, has been working with the Kawasaki's the last couple of years and looks
ready to put a big-time run in for the overall, and respective twins and singles championships.
And with 'The Old Gunslinger' Jay 'Springer' Springsteen on board as rider-coach for the team,
not too mention being arguably the most popular flat track racer of all time, this is sure to be considered an effort to respect, look out for, and be very wary of. And if not for the first
year, when they get any of the first year kinks worked out, look out.
Bryan Smith has more then proved himself on the track , as well, and will bring a work effort
and work ethic that is very admirable to the team. After finishing in the top 5 each of the last
four seasons in flat track, Smith's factory support was dropped at the end of last year from Harley. Revenge anyone? And Bill Werner's records of national wins, national championships,
and what the man has brought and given back to the sport is epic in itself. And then with
Springer in the loop to help coach, train and set up the bikes for the different track conditions,
well, has the train stopped yet?!
Being as how the Harley Davidson XR-750 has pretty much dominated the sport for especially the last 16 years in terms of championships, having a big play team like this come along is big!
Let alone one that EVERY major team member has been part of that domination over the course of the last four or so decades, this could really be GOOD and BIG for the sport of AMA Flat Track racing. And it could also help to instill some much-needed new blood, fan following, and outside looks into this wonderful racing series. I personally can't wait! GO WSRK!!! And thank you to all for making an effort to put something like this together.
You can read the official news releases here thanks to Paul Carruthers at! He has a great read on the team outlook and all of the sponsors involved. And the good folks at have a news release as well:
Another good thing I really like about this team set up, especially with the way things have
been in the last few years with the split championships and all, is the fact that Bryan Smith will
be on one make, and one make only for this effort. Instead of splitting his time riding an XR on the big tracks and a 450-single based Honda or whatever on the short tracks, he will be Kawasaki-mounted all the way. This can't but help more with rider AND brand identification in the series, which seems to have lost some of that unless it's for each of the respective singles OR twins series. At least having one guy, on one make, for the whole year, trying to figure out where Bryan Smith is for the year just got a whole lot easier as you know he'll be on the green bike! Or at least assumptions being as what they are when it comes to a Kawasaki racing effort. Of course they do make red bikes, too......but you get my drift. You'll know where Bryan Smith is on the track this year in all the races.
And that's a good thing to new fans trying to come in to this sport or to tv viewers, as well. Brand AND talent identification is big for getting the masses to recognize you. Or whatever masses flat track racing may have, has had, or could and will have. For those that manage to see this sport, and those that have, you all know once you've been there, there is no turning back. Although flat track may not have the strongest and largest following of any of the motor sports series, anyone that's seen it will tell you the same thing--WOW! Kind of like the first time you had sex in your life...'where the hell has THIS been all my life!!' Still the best show on wheels, hands down. If this stuff doesn't excite you, you don't have a pulse.....
To help Werner Springsteen Racing Kawasaki and Bryan Smith celebrate their thrilling new announcement for the 2010 season, I've dug into the archives of Stu's Shots to try and bring you an overall view of the team make up for this season. Not to mention where the team members have been and come from in the last 35 or so years!
To start off with we have #42 Smith in the middle of turn one at the Springfield short track on Labor Day weekend of 2004. This heat shot has Joe Kopp on the #3 to Bryan's inside and #34 Nicholas Williams to his outside. Right behind Smith on the #11 is Bryan Bigelow.
Next up is Bryan signing for and speaking with a youngf an during the Springfield short track pit walk through over Labor Day weekend in '07. Behind him sit his #42's ready to rock 'n roll for later in the evening.
Then we have a shot of Mr. Super Tuner, Mr. Flat Track Wrench himself, Bill Werner, the all-time winningest tuner in AMA Flat Track racing, the 13-time Champ checking on his rider
Gary Scott during practice for the 1975 Peoria TT. Scott's back up is below BW in the pits. Bill earned his first of many championships at the end this season.
And we couldn't celebrate this team without a shot of Springer himself. You can see him in the orange shirt on the tailgate of his truck on the right side of this shot talking with some people while out front are one of his #9 Bartel's-sponsored XR's alongside one of Bart Markel's old
XR #4's. Springer had just restored this bike before he had it on display at the Indy Mile during MotoGP weekend in August of '09.
And finally we have the Springfield Mile from Labor Day weekend of '06. As the field drops the hammer for the national final, you have #42 Bryan Smith surrounded by #1, 7-time Grand National Champion Chris Carr, #3 and 2000 Grand National Champion Joe Kopp, #31 and future 3-time Grand National Champion Kenny Coolbeth, #28 Shaun Russell and #14 Jake Johnson. And that's just the front row. Also visible in this shot are #10 Dan Stanley, #17 Henry Wiles, #89 Kevin Varnes, #59 Rusty Rogers and #11 Bryan Bigelow. Smith went on to win what was his first, of what should be many, Springfield Mile Nationals that afternoon.
I hope you have enjoyed this celebration of what should be GREAT things to come for Bryan Smith and Werner Springsteen Racing Kawasaki, let alone the fans and friends of the AMA Flat Track series. This year just got a whole lot more interesting! Thanks for coming by and we hope to see you again soon. Take care and God Bless and stay warm.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

3-Time AMA Champ Jamie Hacking Without a Ride Going Into the 2010 Season...

One of the oddities of the rise and fall of the economy is the effect it has on people. Whether it
be the million dollar corporate exec, the regular working guy, or even the factory-contracted pilots who risk their lives on a regular basis to thrill us in the sport of motorcycle road racing.
Obviously for the working guy, tomorrow can be a big if. The million dollar exec will most often survive--if he didn't spend foolishly and invested and saved properly. And the factory pilot? Well, he may be okay in terms of financials in dealing with the economy, but no one knows no
work like an out of job motorcycle racer. When you aren't on the track, when you aren't in the
limelight of the public and/or fan's eyes, when you aren't out their showing your stuff, the world
of motorcycle racing can and will leave you behind.
Of all of the current motorcycle road racers out of work, 'former' factory pilot Jamie Hacking is
one who hopes it won't leave him behind. As are his fans, such as myself, who consider it a tragedy that a man with the skill and talent levels of The Hacker, who has more then proved himself on the track. With his three AMA Championships, his superbike class wins and points
tallies, and his numerous wins in Supersport and Superstock races among many other accomplishments, Jamie Hacking has a racing resume that The Pope would be impressed with.
And for mere mortals such as myself, I and many other fans over the course of the last 12-13 years have seen what this man has done on the track and the rapport he has with the fans and
the sheer excitement level that he brings to a race, and you have to wonder why he doesn't have
a contract to race motorcycles for the upcoming season?
There are several possibilities, most of which would point to the overall economy as how it
pertains to motorcycles, motorcycle road racing, and motorcycle sales. And without a doubt
some of it could point to the reckless way that the AMA/DMG people ran roughshod on the
paddock last year and drove off the people and teams and factories and Japanese that had
supported the U.S. series for decades. But that is for someone else to debate and argue and
point out. And to help you wonder why as much as I do and have, or to better help you to make
up your own mind on the reason, I have included the press releases from the last few days so
that you can do so. First I have to take the time to thank my main man, Larry Lawrence,
for his outlook on the current subject over at his website And then thanks again to Dean Adams and his crew for the interview and spin over at his site And last but not least the great people at
for Paul Carruthers fine interview with Jamie as well. And just to help better ingrain in you
what type of racer and champ that Jamie Hacking is and has been, I have added the link
to his stat page from his website, and another link and general overview of his racing career as well.
In the meantime, we wish Jamie Hacking and his family the VERY best of luck in not only your
personal life, but in your future career as a motorcycle racer, whatever path that that may take
in the future. We know no matter where The Hacker lands on a road race track that he will be
tearing up the competition, bringing it home, smiling from ear to ear, and being the class act and
spokesman for the sport he has always been. And we will be standing on the sidelines shooting
the pics, grinning and shaking our heads, and rooting for him all the way!
While you are taking a read, today's Stu's Shots come to you from beautiful Road America, in
Elkhart Lake, WI., during the '04 and '06 AMA Supersport and Superstock campaigns.
Starting out we have Jamie on the Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 Superstock machine coming
out of turn 8 during practice for the '06 round. He won the '06 AMA Superstock Championship later that year, along with the '06 AMA 600 Supersport Championship. The last time anyone
won both championships in the same year was in the late '80s when Doug Polen did it. Pretty cool and hard to attain feat, for sure.
We then see Jamie leading in the earlier stages of the 600 Supersport race on the #1 as they come into turn 14 at Road America in '04. He's leading his teammate Aaron Gobert on the #96 Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6, followed by teammates and brothers Tommy Hayden on the #22 and Roger Lee Hayden on the #95 Team Kawasaki ZX6R-based machines, with #40 Jason DiSalvo on another Graves bike trying to stay ahead of #11 Ben Spies on a Yoshimura Suzuki GSXR-600. Jamie was the defending 600 Supersport Champion from '03, hence the change to
his number plate in this class.
We then have a paddock shot from '06 of Jamie's championship-winning Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 Superstock machines as they are in various stages of being prepped for the weekend races.
Fourth on today's list is JH again on the #2 Graves Yamaha R1 trying to chase down #95 Roger Lee Hayden on his #95 Team Kawasaki ZX10R-inspired mount during the Superstock finale in '04.
And last but not least is Jamie giving it his best impression of WFO coming out of turn 8 during
practice for the '04 Superstock race at Road America.
Thanks again to all of you for coming by and for spending your time with Stu's Shots. We hope you have seen something that will want you to keep coming back to enjoy this wonderful thing of motorcycle racing and to hang out again with us and do some bench racing while we try to stay
warm from the chill of a January winter in the midwest and get amped up for the upcoming motorcycle racing season. Take care, God Bless and have a safe week.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Troy Corser Wants to Go Out With a Bang In World Superbike

Troy Corser burst onto the world motorcycle scene in '94, when after having won the '93
Australian Superbike Championship, he was given a try out by Eraldo Ferracci on one of his
FBF (Fast By Ferracci) Ducati's at the urging of former World 500cc Champion Barry Sheene.
Passing the try out with flying colors, Mr. Corser then set the AMA Superbike scene on fire
during the '94 season, and won the title outright as a rookie by clinching the title at the season
ending round at Road Atlanta over '89 AMA Superbike Champion Jamie James by one point.
What had been considered all but undoable in coming to the states, on unfamiliar equipment
(after having ridden a Honda RC-30 to the Australian title in '93), racing on tracks he had
never seen before, and racing against a crop of factory-backed racers that were hungry for
blood. Needless to say, it wasn't 'undoable' and Corser and Ferracci put the stamp of approval
on a season that saw the FBF team take their second AMA title in two years, after having won
the World Superbike crown with one Mr. Doug Polen in the '91-'92 seasons, and the AMA crown in '93. Quite a run for sure!
Fast forward to the upcoming 2010 World Superbike season, and the accomplishments that Troy Corser has amassed in the world motorcycle racing scene are too numerous to list here.
A few highlights would be his double World Championships in '96 for Ducati and '05 for Suzuki,
and his nickname of Mr. Superpole garnered after having bagged numerous pole positions over
the years in World Superbike as well. Not too mention his ability to set up and test a road race
machine and his sheer ability to bring it home in one piece.
Thanks to the very fine folks acrossed the pond at the very fine site, Troy speaks
about his career 'winding down' and how after the first season with the new BMW superbike what his expectations are and how he would like to be able to cap off such an illustrious career.
A very interesting article and discussion with TC to say the least, which I have included below
along with Troy's official website and another interesting link with some background on him as
well. Good reading and enjoy:
The shots for tonight's post are from the '94 season here in the AMA Superbike Championship-
when men were men, superbikes were weapons of choice, and racing in America was a good thing. From the top, you have Troy on his #19 FBF Ducati blazing a trail on the back straight
at Road Atlanta in practice for the season ending round that weekend. Then on to Troy in a pack
of riders at Mid Ohio during the superbike finale. Leading his team mate #21 Pascal Picotte on
another FBF Duck is future 2-Time World Superbike Champ #45 Colin Edwards en route to his
first AMA Superbike win for Vance and Hines Yamaha, with Miguel Duhamel on the #17 VR-1000 Harley Davidson partially hidden behind TC, and bringing up the rear is Jamie James, the
former AMA Superbike Champ on the #2 Vance and Hines Yamaha.
We then have a shot from earlier in the season at Road America during practice of Troy hanging
on the wall as Eraldo Ferracci looks over the scene as the team works on the #19 superbike. Then back to Mid Ohio during practice as Troy runs behind Mike Smith on the #68 Smokin' Joe Honda RC-45 followed by Eric Moe on the #57 as they take the last corner onto the pit front stretch. And last but not least is a shot of Troy's championship-winning mount in the paddock at Road Atlanta.
Thanks again for stopping in to hang out with us here at Stu's Shots and we hope you are doing well in the new year and the arctic cold that has enveloped the midwest hasn't totally frozen you
out from reality. Less then six weeks to the opening round of the World Superbike Championship and we will be able to feed our passion of motorcycle racing once again! God Bless and take care and we hope to see you back here again soon--and hopefully not with your tongues frozen to a
metal light pole.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Roger Lee Hayden Signs for World Superbike Ride for 2010

With the current fall out in not only the economy, but with the DMG-run AMA Road
Racing series in the U.S., there is still a pretty big list of big name riders without rides
or contracts for the upcoming 2010 season. Both Honda and Kawasaki announced well
before the end of 2009 that they would not be contesting the series in 2010 in any form
and DMG announced that they would be cutting purses further in the new season, so the
dominoes have been falling at an alarming rate for the U.S. series.

One more rider who won't be sweating the fall out any longer is Roger Lee Hayden, as he
announced over the weekend that he would be contesting the World Superbike Championship
on a Kawasaki ZX-10R based superbike for Pederceni Kawasaki. Having raced on and for
Kawasaki now for several years, and having clinching the 2007 AMA 600 Supersport
Championship for the factory team, this could prove to be a great career step for Roger.
Unknown as of this writing is the level of support the team will receive from the factory,
which could play a big part in how big of an assault they will be able to make on the world
scene. We wish Team Pedercini and Roger Lee the very best of luck for the upcoming season
and we will be watching closely at their progress throughout the year. You can read the official
releases below thanks to Dean and his bunch at as well as read up on the Pedercini team from the official link from them as well:

While you are reading up on this great piece of news for Roger, the pics for today's news come to
you from Mid Ohio and Road America in the '05 AMA 600 Supersport season.
From the top is Roger in practice on his ZX-6 based 600 #95 during practice for the 600 race
later in the weekend. Then we see Roger leading his older brother Tommy on the #1 going in
to turn 14 at Road America during the 600 final. We then get to take a look at Roger's race
mounts in the paddock at Mid Ohio. Sitting in the next stall over are Ben Attard's #12
600 and FX mounts as he ran for Attack Kawasaki that year.
The last two shots are from the 600 final at Mid Ohio, and we have Roger leading his brother
Tommy on the #1 mount in both shots, with Ben Attard in tow in the fourth shot on the #12
Attack Kawasaki 600 Supersport machine.
Thanks again for coming by to see us again for the 2010 year, we thank you for your continued
support and following and we look forward to sharing more news and info as well as more of Stu's Shots in the upcoming season. God Bless, have a great one, and Happy New Year to all!