Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Danny Eslick, Buell, and Richie Morris Racing Follow Up

While over the w/e Danny Eslick romped the field in
both of the Fontana AMA Daytona Sportbike races, the
talk around the internet--and I am sure at the races as
well--has been the 'extra displacement' that the Buell
has been allowed compared to the 600cc inline-fours. As
a result of all this consternation, one--or two--things have been
One of those is the talents of Danny Eslick. While all the
nay-sayers seem to focus on the 1125cc +/- that the Buell
is allowed, the fact still remains even a sled has to have a great
rider. Not taking away anything from any of the other great
riders that have been running the class this year.
And the second, for sure, is the motorcycle. And I am here to present you
with some shots of the Bruce Rossmeyer/Richie Morris Racing-Geico sponsored
Buell. Now of course as these shots were taken in September 2008 at the
Indy MotoGP race, the make-up of the bike is most certainly different per the
difference in class rules from last to this year. And the paint job is definitely
a lot brighter and more eye-appealing overall. Just my opinion mind you.
But nonetheless, you get the idea of what the machine is like and looks like
that is setting the world-or at least the AMA Pro Racing Daytona
Sportbike-class world, on fire. And those like myself, and many of you,
who still follow it in spite of the way that the DMG group
has managed to put it on it's head.
There is also a link that I wanted to add to these shots as well, that the good people
over at ran a story on the team today. And it is a VERY good
article with the outlook of the genius behind the bike on what his and their perceptions
are to all of the bruhaha---did I spell that right??---that has transformed this wonderful
world of U.S. or AMA Road Racing into a very intense discussion no matter the side you
chose to stand on. Mr. Morris also talks about their other rider, Michael Barnes, who has
been racing motorcycles on at least this continent for at least as long as I can remember it.
The guy has an intense enthusiasm about racing and can also ride just about darned anything,
and has, on two wheels. I posted the shot of Mr. Barnes on #34 M4 Suzuki GSXR-600 that
I took of him last year at Road America. This was during the rain practice on Friday that
w/e and back in turn 10. Also the same corner I shot the pic of Danny Eslick from the w/e
post. Here is the link to that story:
....and another.....
So no matter which side you choose on the size of the displacement versus the amount of
cylinders you are allowed or the make of the motorcycle that you will be allowed to run in
any given class as designed, you at least have to take the time to enjoy and respect those
that can and will find the way to win. Be it the immense talents of Mr.'s Eslick, Barnes, and
Morris at this moment in time, or be it the lines between the rule book, the fact still remains
it all has to fit together perfectly before it becomes a true and complete puzzle.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

While we are celebrating Mat's 75th win today..

Just a few more shots of Mat inflicting pain and embarassment to the rest of the field
at Road America in '06, several years before we were forced to put up with a DMG-run
and dumbed-down AMA Superbike Series. These were taken in turn 14 during various
practice, qualifying and race sessions during the course of the w/e.
These shots of 'Mad' Mat are on the old-series speced REAL Superbikes. In other
words BEFORE the DMG people decided to dummy-down the series to little more then
radical Stock bikes. No more trick suspensions and trick factory superbike engines. And
worse yet, losing the identity of having one of the premier racing series in the world.
But that's another rant for another time. Let's all enjoy Mat from Road America and
party away the fact that no matter what they put under him, he is going to win or find
a darn good way to win. You can count on that. And you can count on Mat! Go get 'em man.
Take Number 7 and do it your way regardless of what they force you to do now and force us to watch. You're still the best. And as far as I'm concerned, you could have quit trying to prove it
to me a long time ago. It was pretty obvious you were, are, and probably for a long-darned time
will be 'The Master' in mine and alot of other eyes. I'm not going to enjoy watching dumbed-
downed superbikes any more than you will be enjoying riding them. But I'm darned sure
going to enjoy watching you feed the machine to DMG and their cronies. This is gonna be good.

The Song Remains the Same 2009 Version:

'Mad' Mat Mladin 'The Master' just wrapped up win's
Number 74 and 75 at the Fontana round of the new AMA
Superbike Series. The man is undeterred in showing us
all that no matter the formula of motorcycles he is forced
to ride due to the radical change of rules in the Superbike
class, he IS the man! And no matter what the DMG-run
series throws at him, he is going to dig deeper and deeper
and show them, as well, that he is the man and regardless
of the dribble running from the mouths of babes of turning
the series around to gain more parity they forgot one thing.
Mat Mladin wasn't going anywhere this year and he was even
more focused on showing the DMG people that they made a big
mistake in thinking otherwise.
Go Mat. Long time fan here who has always been treated
very well when going after autographs of shots taken of him.
And the dude always says what's on his mind. You don't have
to agree with the man. But you better respect what he has to say.
He didn't win 6 Championships and NOW 75 races just hangin'
around being a wallflower. Kick their Mat!
The above shots are of various states of battle-readiness at Road
America in June of '06, as well as 'Mad Mat' using turn 7 during race
one of the weekend as a berm-buster. Check out the body english
as he wrestles the-then SUPER Superbikes. The man is a master.
But don't make him Mad.

Bombshell: Danny Eslick Wins Race 2 at Fontana

Just in moments ago Danny Eslick, who I posted about winning yesterday,
won race two at Fontana on the Buell 1125R in the new AMA Pro Racing
Daytona Sportbike Series. He bested Jamie Hacking, on the Attack
Kawasaki ZXR6 by .099 seconds. This was the second 1-2 of the
weekend for both Mr's. Eslick and Hacking. Great job guys.
It's going to be a different, but at least exciting year in this class!
Stay tuned!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Danny Eslick Wins Fontana Race 1 AMA Sportbike

For those of you still following the DMG-operated AMA
Superbike....errrr........Pro Racing Series this year will be
hearing a lot of this name this year. Danny Eslick, aboard
the Richie Morris Racing Harley-based Buell 1125 just
minutes ago won race one at Fontana, CA., in the Daytona
Sportbike class. This is called such since the NasCrash heads
of the DMG-Daytona Motorsports Group-took over running
of our beloved AMA Superbike Series. But that is another story
for another time.

Danny Eslick is the reason for this little post. The above shot of him
was taken at Road America in June '08. He was aboard a Matsushima
Suzuki GSXR-600 at the time, and this was the old existing FX-formula
extreme-class under the old AMA-operated Superbike Series. The class was
for the most part mini-supersports-almost mini-superbikes on steroids.
But Mr. Eslick, who comes from a dirt track background, managed to win
the first Fontana round by over 2.5 seconds. On a Buell no less. Heck, he was
running right up at the front if not leading for the better part of the Daytona 200
until the insides of the Buell trying to run at 160+ on the banks at Daytona rattled
the radiator and fairing brackets loose. But that's another story altogether now as well....

Congrats to Danny Eslick, and to Buell, for being able to put together an impressive run
against some formidable talent. With the shorter races now for the remainder of
the schedule, we probably won't be seeing any other mechanicals because of vibration.
Which is good. This kid has talent and I think with this class structure being what it is
(please see AMA rules at ) for that list to be better to understand it.
But that being said, keep an eye and ear out for more Danny Eslick sightings.
I'm sure they will be there!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ben Spies Doubles in Losail WSBK

For those of you that follow the WSBK circus, Ben Spies
put it to them again this w/e at the Losail, Qatar circuit
and doubled the World Superbike rounds. Having just seen
the track for the first time this w/e, he started off out of the
gate by leading most or all of the practice sessions, winning
Superpole, and then won both an average of over 1.5
seconds each. Not bad for a 'rookie.'
Here are some shots of Mat Mladin, his former U.S. Suzuki team
mate, keeping him honest in last year's race 1 at Road America,
in Elkhart Lake, WI., in June. Spies won both events this w/e as well.
It should be a very interesting year in World Superbike this year with
seven manufacturers and 28 full time riders/teams. And with the Pirelli spec
tires this series is getting ready to blow wide open as far as one of the most
competitive of motorcycle racing series in the world. Keep an eye out, and you
can follow it on the feeds on the left side column. Or go to:
Enjoy and thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Josh Hayes, Multiple AMA Road Racing Champion

These are some shots I took of former AMA FX Champ
Josh Hayes at Road America in June 2008. Riding the
Erion Racing Honda 600, he captured two championships
in a row in '06 and '07.

Lima Half Mile Practice June 2006

These are just a few shots I clicked off in practice at the
AMA Flat Track Grand National at Lima, OH., in June of
'06. Various riders in the shots are:
#1 Chris Carr, 7-time AMA Grand National Champion
#9 Jay 'Springer' Springsteen, 3-time AMA Grand National Champion
#21 Jared Mees
#11 Brian Bigelow
#20 Johnny Murphree
All of these guys have won and contended for race wins and
championships over the course of the last 6-7 to 30-plus years
on the AMA circuit. This particular track is a dirt/pea gravel
track that will get you hurt standing along the fence and getting
pelted by the pea gravel.
Great track, always a great race, and one of the best managed/promoted/attended
of all races other then what are hosted by IMDA in the state of Illinois.
If you get a chance to check it out, they always run the last Saturday of June,
it is a great event and a super eye-opener for the sport of flat track. Dig it!
Oh, and remember, go fast, and turn left......