Friday, July 31, 2009

Mat Mladin Will NOT Ride at Topeka This W/E...

....and you can read about the safety issues here thanks to the super people at

Here is the release from Mat:

And here is more on this issue thanks to the great people at :

...and this link from the fine people at that if you take the time to read
the comments from other readers, pretty much mirrors the overall disgust being waged by
not only Mat, but the fans as well:

Take note people--the way things have gone this year with the AMA/DMG (Damaged Motorcycle Guys) in our beloved AMA/US Superbike Series, the chances of seeing Mad Mat
race in the US after this year are getting VERY slim..........

Shortly after I made this post, Mat Mladin announced his retirement from racing at the end
of the 2009 season. That cloud that just popped up over your head is the darkness being felt
but anyone and everyone that has seen Mat race over the years.......

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