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Mid-America Speedway Indy July News & Night Before the Indy Mile Short Track Updates

Mid-America Speedway News Issue No. 4

The 2013 season has gotten off to a slow start, but hopefully the rainy weather is behind us.  Last Saturday night's event saw 101 entries which was a nice surprise considering how many other tracks were running.
Thank you for choosing Mid-America.
Results will be posted on our website within the next 24 hours, but here are the main event winners from each class:
50cc Shaft: Jayden Snider
50cc Chain: Jayden Snider
65cc: Clark Morian V
85cc: Kasey Sciscoe
0-160cc Four Stroke: K. Gerencer
80-200 2/4 stroke: Kasey Sciscoe
Mad Dog: Cory Phillips
249+ Mod Amateur: Kevin Stollings jr.
Dirt Diva: Payton Reichard
Vintage Light: Kyle Long
Vintage Heavy: Rick Rhodes
Vet 30: Sam Lowe
Super Senior: Andy Miller
0-250 Money: Kevin Stollings jr.
Open Bike: Brandon Wilhelm
450 Motorcycle: Brandon Wilhelm
Adult Quad 0-400: Jamie Grimm
Quad 401-450: Kevin Crawford
Quad Open: Jay Meinking
Speedway: BJ Fesselmeyer

The next event at Mid-America is July 27th, and this is Super Senior Night, with an extra $100 going to the winner.
The staff of Mid-America Speedway
August 16th, Night Before the Indy Mile/AMA Vintage Dirt Track Series National
Mid-America has been holding their night before the Indy Mile since 2009, and it is quickly becoming a favorite stop for the pro and expert riders as it is their chance to make an extra paycheck during their time in Indianapolis.
This year things are being changed up slightly.  This year it will be round 10 of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Series.  However, we are adding a few other classes to the night.
The one that has received the most attention is the Bultaco Astro Challenge.  The class is restricted to Bultaco Astro's only.   Initially the thought was to get 18 riders committed to the event, and based on the response it was increased to 21 riders (3 heats of 7).  It was at this point that we realized that there were a lot more Astro's out there than we estimated.  The decision was quickly made that the 21 riders that originally committed would get spots in the night program, and anybody else that wanted to sign up could, but they would have to run their own set of heats to determine the seven riders that would make up a fourth heat, and go on to the night program.
Some of the former Grand National winners that have signed up for the event are Jay Springsteen, David Aldana, Steve Morehead, Garth Brow, and Joe Kopp.  

We will still be running the 450 Shootout, along with the following modern bike classes: 80-200 youth, 250 Money, Speedway, and Open Quad.  The Open Quad class will be limited to six entries, four of which are still available.  If you would like one of the remaining spots, please contact us.

Because this is an AMA event, AMA cards will be required.  The AMA is offering one day memberships at a significant savings over an annual pass, and if you purchase an annual pass withing 90 days of the purchasing a day membership, the cost of the day membership will be credited to an annual membership.
Entry fees for this event will be $35 per class, pit passes $10 for age 10+, and $5 for age 5-9.

Here is a link with more information about the classes that make up the AMA Vintage Dirt Track Series:
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August 16: The Night before the Indy Mile AMA Vintage Dirt Track National, Bultaco Astro Challenge, & Pro 450 Shootout  
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