Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mid-America Speedway Hoping 3rd Time's a Charm to Go Racing for 2012

Mid-America Speedway

Issue No. 6
2011 Panoramic
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Third times a charm?
Sometimes the weather just won't cooperate, and scheduling a race in April is always risky. April 14th and April 28th were both rained out. We took a hard look at the track on the morning of April 28th and while we possibly could have gotten the track in ridable condition, we don't think it would have been a safe track and made the decision to call it off early. We then got confirmation when it more rain rolled in at 5:00pm.

As the saying goes, "The third time is a charm", and we are hoping it is true this weekend as we have rescheduled for this Saturday, May 5th. The forecast is much better and the temperature will be about 35 degrees warmer.

We are still going to run the 450 Expert/Pro class on the 5th. The class is open to anybody that has held an Expert/Pro license within the last 10 years. The winner will get get a bonus based on the number of riders. If there are 10 entries the bonus will be $150, 11-15 rider the bonus is $250, and $450 if 20 or more Experts/Pros show. This is on top of the normal payout which runs between 80 and 90%.

We are still going to run the 450 Class, and Open 251+ Class just like it has always been run. Also we have added the 250+ Amateur class open to riders that have never held an AMA Pro Racing License.
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One of the most difficult things about promoting dirt track is when to make the decision to cancel due to weather. Making the decision too soon and we run the risk of missing an opportunity to race, and cancelling the event too late means that people have already spent money heading to the track. These first two rainouts have been tough on all of us, but as Tyler Porter from tweeted. "The folks at Mid-America are an optimistic bunch".

We have to be optimistic when promoting races and we feel that we work hard to give the riders, fans, and sponsors one of the best tracks in the midwest. We are racing this weekend May 5th. Please read to the left for more information regarding this weekend's event.

This race we are also pleased to announce that Byrnes Grilled Pizza is going to be serving up their pizzas. Please visit their website at They will be serving from 3:30pm to 9pm.


The staff of Mid-America Speedway
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The last several updates have requested that people follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter addres for Mid-America Speedway is @Midamspeedway. The track's website has also been updated so that tweets appear on the homepage of the Mid-America website. We plan on posting results here as the checkered flag drops on the heats and mains.
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Thank you
Thank you again for supporting Mid-America in the past and in the future. Without our fans, riders and sponsors we would not have what we have today.

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