Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moto2 Tests in Valencia End with Encouraging Results for Kenny Noyes

The Moto2 entries of #25 Alex Baldolini of the Caretta Technology Race Dept/I.C.R. chassis, the #5 of Joan Olive of the Jack & Jones by Antonio Banderas/Promoharris chassis and the #9 of Kenny Noyes of the Jack & Jones by Antonio Banderas/Promoharris chassis sit outside their respective garages during the Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP round in August of 2010. When the season was done and said, the Suter, FTR, Speed Up and Moriwaki chassis proved to have what it takes to run up front on a regular basis in the class, which is comprised of various chassis manufacturers running Honda 600 Supersport-spec control motors, and on Dunlop-spec tires. The teams were allowed to run their own combinations of fuel management mapping software as well as their own exhaust systems in the class.
The Banderas owned Jack & Jones team will be switching from the Promoharris to the Suter chassis for the 2011 season after struggling with the Promoharris chassis almost all year. Olive finished out of the points in the initial season of the new class, while Noyes finished 24th in what was a very rough season for the team. Highlight of the year for the team was Noyes taking the pole at the 3rd round of the season in France. Noyes finished the season ending test session in 15th out of the 31 riders that tested on Monday in Spain, while testing on a borrowed chassis with a strictly stock Honda 600 motor, leaving the test with a positive feeling for the upcoming year.
Kenny Noyes had a stressful year in the inaugural season of the Moto2 World Championship, finishing in the 24th position for his Antonio Banderas owned Jack and Jones/Promoharris-equipped team. Several rounds into the season, the team found out that the Promoharris chassis lacked the set-up and development standards of the top-running Suter, Moriwaki, FTR or Speed Up chassis as employed by the front-running teams, and were quickly in a hole just trying to stay in the middle of the huge pack on race day.
The team will be switching to the Suter chassis for the 2011 season, and Noyes had the chance to test a 'borrowed' chassis with a stock Honda 600 engine on Monday, in Valencia, and was able to see after 42 laps that things should be much better for the team next year. Noyes is confirmed back with the team for next season, while this season's team mate Joan Olive is still unconfirmed. Olive finished out of the points entirely for the season, and did not test on Monday with any team.
You can check out the official reports and releases on the Moto2 season ending tests in Valencia, Spain below.
Ultimate has this press release from the Antonio Banderas owned Jack and Jones Moto2 team and rider Kenny Noyes about their outing in the official season ending Moto2 tests at Valencia from Monday:
The folks at have this release about Kenny Noyes re-signing with the Antonio Banderas owned Moto2 team for the 2011 season: has this list of the times for the Moto2 test on Monday:
....and they also filed this short story on the season ending tests in Valencia for the Moto2 class as well:

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