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AMA Flat Track Ready to Roll at Calistoga 1/2 Mile and Stu's Shots Has All the Info You Need to Follow It Today

The AMA Pro K&N Filters presented by Grand National Championship kicks back into gear in Calistoga, CA. today with the first running of the Calistoga Half Mile National at the Calistoga Fairgrounds.
Some of the names to keep an eye on today at the first running of a GNC race in Northern Cali in 11 years are pictured above getting ready for the green to drop at Lima on June 26. Your front row main contestants consist of (L-R): Matt Weidman on the #20 White's H-D/Mack Daddy Racing/SNIP/Silkolene/Shoei XR, who garnered 3rd place at Lima for the first GNC podium of his young career. Next up you have defending AMA Twins GN Champion Jammin' Jared Mees on the #1 Rogers Lake Racing/Blue Springs H-D/ XR, Smokin' Joe Kopp on his #3 Latus Motors/Lloyd Bros/American Agip/MotoConcepts Ducati, and Slammin' Sammy Halbert (the defending 'mythical' overall GN Champion) on his #7 Kings Kustoms/KK Motorcycle Supply/Nelson Racing XR.
Rounding out the last two spots are #17 Henry 'Hammerin' Hank' Wiles (and the defending Singles GN Champion) on his KK Motorcycle Supply/Mike & Eddie Adkins XR and Jersey Jake Johnson (and mult-time GN Singles Champion) on his #5 Zanotti Racing/Leo Vince/Arai/Tucker Rocky XR. Don't blink because when the green drops the greatest show on wheels will zip by you so fast you won't be able to keep up with all the action. Strap in and settle down and get ready to follow the action with us here on Stu's Shots.

After a three week break in the action, the AMA Pro K&N Filters presented by Grand National Flat Track series is ready to roll again this afternoon at the first running of an AMA GN Championship race in Northern California in 11 years. The Napa County Fairgrounds is ready to host Mike Kidd, Steve Morehead and the AMA Pro Flat Track Racing crew as they work their magic to bring AMA Flat Track fans the best racing show on wheels on the half mile Calistoga Speedway track.

Since this is a first time event, the playing field is pretty even on this one as no one running the series has ever been on the track at Calistoga. For that matter I also heard that many hadn't even seen the track as early as this week. Reports were read on the forum this week from general fans AND AMA Flat Track Manager and Guru Mike Kidd that the promoter and track prep for this place is top notch, and that they are expecting a great crowd draw due to everyone's hard work and efforts. Mike Kidd was especially stoked in one of his posts this week about this event, beside the fact that it is the only west coast round this year. Originally to be paired with the Castle Rock TT to make it easier for the traveling racers, fans and officials to be able to hit two events on the west coast to ease expenses, Castle Rock unfortunately didn't make the cut and was canceled. If you are near this area, this is a MUST SEE event and will further help to show and prove that the AMA Flat Track show is the best show on wheels. And at least if you aren't, this is an event that is being handled by MavTV and will be shown on television for those of you who are lucky enough to get this channel (HELLO DirecTV--we want our MavTV!!!)

With the weather expected to cooperate in the area today, the leading men on the championship circuit are guaranteed to go for it and make a great show for the fans. With 2000 AMA Grand National Champion Joe Kopp taking an overall lead in the points over Jake Johnson by 154-141, Henry Wiles in 3rd at 139 with Sammy Halbert another four back in fourth, and Jared Mees rounding out the top five at 129 points, today could see some changes, or not. Kenny Coolbeth sits in sixth with 119, 7-Time GN Champ Chris Carr is seventh with 76, and Bryan Smith on the Werner/Springsteen Kawasaki a solid 8th in the points with 74. The entry lists on the event page haven't been updated for some time, but with the up surge in the AMA Flat Track series, especially this year, I would be real suprised if fewer then 45-46 riders try to qualify for the GNC twins main. I've been wrong before (and dammit I know I'll be wrong again), but there is an awful lot of positive vibe for this event. Here's hoping for a SUPER fan AND rider turn out!

You don't need to look or go any further today, as Stu's Shots has put together all the goods for you to follow today's action whether you are at the track or away like I am here in Indy. You can follow the action below with all the links to keep up on the on the track happenings. With first practice to roll off at 2:30 PDT/5:30 EDT, get ready to check out the greatest show on wheels and see some of the best motorcycle flat track racers in the world get ready to battle it out for what is the first race of the second half of the season.

It's WFO from here on out baby and you better be ready. This show moves fast.......

Enjoy and may your favorite racer make it to the checkers first--and most of all safe!

AMA Pro Flat Track GN Championship Calistoga LIVE TIMING and SCORING here (and the link on the left side column is current, as well!):

THE site for flat track fans is Wayne Hosaka's This is the general meeting and news place to be for the casual AND hard core flat track motorcycle racing fan. Hos has put together a heck of a site here, and for a long-time and hard core fan, there is nothing else like it. You can keep up with the chatter and the race events via the forum link right here:

Twitter updates for AMA Flat Track here (and thanks again to Nicalee for TCB here:

Official AMA Pro K&N Filters presented by GN Calistoga event page:

Calistoga Fairgrounds AMA GNC track link (and tickets are still available so if you are in the area this is a must-see event for you West Coasters!):

Napa County Fairgrounds web link:

Google Maps link to Calistoga Speedway at the Napa County Fairgrounds:,+Calistoga,+CA&sll=38.582811,-122.585449&sspn=0.007833,0.013754&ie=UTF8&hq=Calistoga+Speedway,&hnear=Calistoga,+Napa,+California&ll=38.587692,-122.585921&spn=0.015665,0.027509&t=h&z=15

Calistoga weather can be found here:,%20California&wuSelect=WEATHER


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