Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roger Lee Hayden Talks About MotoGP Ride at Laguna With LCR Honda


Roger Lee Hayden rips up the hill into turn 10 at Mid Ohio during qualifying for the AMA 600 Supersport event in July of 2005. Roger joined the Kawasaki Factory effort in '04 and contested the 600 Championship for the team, and as a team mate to his oldest brother Tommy. Tommy won the AMA 600 Championship for Kawasaki in '04-'05 and Roger followed through winning the title for the team in '07 while riding the ZX-6R-based machines.

Roger Lee Hayden, the youngest of the Hayden Clan from Owensboro, KY., was officially announced yesterday as the fill in replacement rider for the LCR Honda MotoGP team at Laguna this upcoming weekend. Regular rider Randy DePuniet was knocked out of action for the next 6-8 weeks +/- during the MotoGP race in Germany on Sunday when involved in a three bike crash during the MotoGP race and suffered a broken leg. As a result, Roger will get a chance to step in and race at a track he is familiar with and on a competitive (DePuniet was sitting in the 6th spot in the MotoGP Championship prior to the crash) satellite Honda-factory supported team. Roger last rode at MotoGP machine at Laguna in '07 for the Kawasaki effort with top ten results.

Roger had a chance to talk to the folks at MotorcycleNews.com across the pond about his upcoming ride and you can read about that right here and see why RLH95 is so pumped for this home race for the Hayden clan:


Here is the official release courtesy of the great team at SuperBikePlanet.com concerning LCR's signing of Roger to the team's efforts for the Monterey round this weekend:


We wish Roger and all the other Americans in the field this weekend the best of luck. For that matter we wish everyone in the field this weekend the best, AND safest of luck this weekend as well! Go get 'em Team USA/Team Kentucky!

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