Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust As Antonio Banderas Racing Withdraws from Moto2 World Championship for 2011

The Jack & Jones By Antonio Banderas Racing Moto2 entries of #5 Joan Olive and #9 Kenny Noyes sit outside their garage stall during the Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP Weekend in August of 2010. The team struggled all year trying to develop the Promo Harris chassis, and was slated to race the more suitable Suter set-up for the 2011 season with Noyes and new signee Gabor Talmacsi on board, but now Jack & Jones is pulling the plug on their sponsorship leaving the team empty handed some four months before racing reconvenes again for the new season.
A shot rang out in the universe of Moto2 World Championship racing today as the Antonio Banderas owned and run team will be losing their Jack & Jones sponsorship for the 2011 season. With returning rider Kenny Noyes and new hire Gabor Talmacsi set to run the Suter chassis for the second season in the class that replaced the ring-ding 250s, the team was looking forward to running a chassis for the new year that proved to be one of the more competitive ones to campaign in the initial year of the new class. The team of Noyes and Joan Olive had used the Promo Harris chassis and their results were marginal, at best.
David Emmett has the story and talks about the impact of having as many as 40 entrants in a class where points are only awarded to the top 15 in each event, and what it can mean to sponsorship to the Moto2 contenders at his Moto site. The Antonio Banderas team pulled the plug early to hopefully give Noyes and Talmacsi time to still put something together for next season.
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