Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonneville Performance Triumph Review From AMA Flat Track Lucas Oil Indy Mile--and a Big Thanks to Brett at Triumph Flat


Shawn Baer's Bonneville Performance Triumphs sit in the pit area at the Lucas Oil Indy Mile round of the AMA Pro Flat Track K&N Filters Grand National Championship Series. Shawn ran with the best of them at Indy and pulled off the team's first GNC win by winning his semi to qualify for his third GNC Twins event this year. Shawn can be just seen out of the pic on the right signing and talking with the fans on Saturday evening after practice and qualifying.
Shawn and the team qualified in the 11th spot overall for the evening out of the 48 of 50 riders that were entered that took qualifying times.
In winning his semi,this was the first race in the big leagues by a Triumph in what my memory proves to be at least 30 years, especially if you don't include the Ascot TT/Castle Rock TT wins by '75 AMA Grand National Champion Gary Scott back in the day. Great show by Shawn and the team and we look forward to seeing them put it in the field at the Springfield Mile on Sunday!

A big thanks to Brett Noble who runs the super site for posting some of my shots from the Lucas Oil Indy Mile round 12 of the AMA Pro Flat Track K&N Filters presented by Motorcycle Series. Brett runs the best site on the net for Triumph fans that is a fine mix of the old and the new from the British marque featuring race and street tracker coverage that is second to none.

Shawn Baer and the Bonneville Performance Triumph team will also be running the Springfield Mile on Sunday and looking to put it into their fourth Twins event of the season. We wish them the best of luck and we will be on hand to take some more shots of this up and coming team!

You can check out the links below that Brett has put up on his site including Bonneville Perf's official race report from the legendary Indy Mile. Their official site is also linked below for those of you that are looking for performance parts and gear for your (or your friend's) Triumph.

Here's Brett's post on Shawn Baer's semi win at the Lucas Oil Indy Mile last Saturday over on his great site

And here is a race report from the Bonneville Performance Triumph team also posted over at

And last but definitely not least, thanks go to Brett Noble again at for posting a few of my shots and link to my story about Shawn's Indy semi win as well as my race report for the Lucas Oil Indy Mile. Thanks again and hats and helmets off to Brett for not only posting some of my shots but for maintaining a very fine site:

Here is Bonneville Performance's official site on the web. If you need or are interested in fixing up a new or old Triumph, these are the guys to go to. Check them out here:

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