Monday, June 28, 2010

The End of The 2-Smokes Is Near in MotoGP.....


The Red Bull KTM Moto Sport 125cc machines of #16 Cameron Beaubier and #93 Marc Marquez sit in the pitlane at IMS during the Red Bull MotoGP Indy round in August of 2009. With the 250cc class going the way of the Titanic after last year, being turned into the Moto2 class with 600 Honda-based motors and varying chassis manufacturers, the 125cc class in MotoGP racing is the only two stroke-based class left on the world scale. That too, will change now after the 2011 season and the wail of chain saws on acid will forever be gone from the planet..........

With the demise of the 250cc ring-ding class in MotoGP World Championship racing after the 2009 season, it was announced over the weekend after the rules commitee meeting of the MotoGP technical minds in Assen that after 2011, the 125cc class will also go the way of the Edsel. As has been suspected since the original talks to do away with the 250's, it was only a matter of time before their younger brethren were also cast aside like an old, oily rag. Or wag....

You can read about it here thanks to the excellent website and the most excellent helmer of that site, one David Emmett. Mr. Emmett runs a super operation and has a world-class photographer in Scott Jones, as well, to help with all the eye candy that is MotoGP racing. Check them and the news out here:

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