Thursday, April 19, 2012

We're Going to Try This Thing Again........

After working on getting a bug out of Blogger that has left me down on the site for the last few days, I think I have finally gotten things worked out.

Please note: NO BUGS were passed on via Stu's Shots, as I have been monitoring, scanning and removing stuff for the better part of the last four days.

Whatever it was, according to Blogger Groups, was some sort of 'add-on' to the site, a third party one at that.  So I removed several new entries and pictures, as well as a couple of things on the left-side column bar.

Now, almost 48 hours after the last occurrence, I believe things are back to normal after monitoring things for the better part of that time, with no concerns.

So look for things to start amping up today and throughout the weekend with the Big Kuhana Road Atlanta round of AMA Pro Road Racing starting tomorrow, as well as the Assen round of WSBK this weekend.  So we should have some interesting press releases and stories to get out in the next few days, and hope we don't come across any more problems!

Thanks for all of your patience, and thanks especially for taking your time to come by and check us out here at Stu's Shots!

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