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AMA Flat Track: Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Announces Signing of New Crew Chief Brent Armbruster for 2013 AMA Grand National Twins Series Championship Season

The Lloyd Brothers Motorsports team has announced that AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship-winning tuner and crew chief Brent Armbruster will be joining their team effective immediately for the upcoming 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by season for the series' and team's Twins Series Championship assault.

A long-time member of the AMA Pro Flat Track fraternity hailing from the Clio, MI. area, tuner and master wrench spinner Armbruster had been involved with the Rogers Racing team that led 2012 AMA Grand National Champion Jared Mees to the title this past season.  Armbruster also tuned the machine that took Mees to his first win at Springfield in May '11 and to five wins during the 2011 season, and has been involved with flat track racing for several decades now.

Speaking with team co-owner Dave Lloyd this morning, Lloyd noted the great effort that has been put in by departing crew chief, Dave Gamble, over the course of the last few seasons.  "Dave has done a great job in heading up our efforts over the course of the last few seasons, and we wish him the very best in his endeavors going forward.  We're looking forward to a new chapter in our history with Brent coming on board, as Mike and I have known him since around 1987 when we were novices getting started in the sport."

After losing three engines this year and missing the set-up and the Nationals at two rounds this season (Hagerstown and Knoxville), the team still pulled out three top-10s (Santa Rosa 6th-place, Tucson 8th-place, Pomona 7th-place) and two top-5 results (Lima 2nd-place, Indy 4th-place) for their hard-earned efforts, and are looking to improve dramatically on the season as a whole.

In the shot above the team is shown getting ready for the first practice session of the Twins Series season at round 5 of the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by season at the Springfield Mile I event on May 27. 

As rider Henry Wiles gets ready to head out for practice on the team's #17 LBM/Foremost Insurance Group/Ramspur Winery/Motorcyclist Magazine-sponsored Italian 'L' twin, he can be seen on the right talking with Dave Gamble and Dave Lloyd, while brother and co-owner Mike Lloyd can be seen talking with 2000 AMA Grand National Champion Joe Kopp (far left, seated).  Kopp was the team's rider during the 2010 season which saw him get them their first-ever win in the series on the team's potent Ducati 'L' twin mount at the Arizona Mile I round in Prescott in May '10.

Brent Armbruster is shown with Jared Mees and the #9 Rogers Racing/Blue Springs H-D/Saddlemen/National Cycle-backed XR750 just before the riders hit the track for the Dash for Cash event at the Springfield Mile I round on May 27, 2012.  2-Time AMA Grand National Champion Jake Johnson is shown ready for battle on the #1 Zanotti Racing XR just beside Armbruster.

According to team co-owner Dave Lloyd, Armbruster will be taking possession of the team's big red twins and doing all of the prep-work at his home in Michigan and then transporting the team's rig and bikes to each event for the 2013 season, which should free-up more time for the LBM brothers to concentrate on the daily runnings of the team and dealing with sponsors, "and should help travel to-and-from each event for Brent and Henry" noted Dave Lloyd, since they both live close to one another.

Michiganite Armbruster should be a great addition to the team for the coming year and his vast knowledge of bike prep and turning wrenches will be another plus for the team.  Under Armbruster-prepped mounts, Mees only suffered from a small handful of mechanical failures in the last few seasons, which finally translated into a Grand National Championship this year for the fellow-Michigan resident and Rogers Racing team.

Team co-owners Mike (left) and Dave Lloyd (right) help crew chief Dave Gamble finish with some final settings on the #17 Foremost Insurance/Ramspur Winery/ENI USA/Motorcyclist Magazine-sponsored Ducati just prior to the running of round 5 of the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by season at the Illinois State Fairgrounds mile oval.  The team suffered it's first engine loss at the first Twins Series event at Springfield, and put them in the hole right from the start of the year.  With Armbruster coming in to help out immediately going forward, this should help in terms of freeing up time for the Lloyds to concentrate on sponsorship and team operations.

"We're further ahead today then we were at this time last year in getting sponsorship situated for next year," commented Dave this morning from his new home just outside of the Evansville, IN. area, "and we have a lot of the same folks coming back as we move into the new season, and Ramspur Winery is stepping up their involvement for 2013, while Foremost Insurance will also be involved again as they were this year and the last few seasons with the team.

"You're never done with bringing in sponsorship in racing, but we're looking forward to the new season with a new fresh face in the team to help us reach our goal of winning another Twins Series event," continued Lloyd.  "Brent and I have known one another for almost three decades and are looking forward to working together moving forward."

This is great news for one of the hardest working and most professional looking and run teams in The Rolling Thunder Show, and helps to guarantee that they will be back again for the 2013 season to again battle it out with the other greats in the best racing series on wheels in the world.

Congrats to the LBM crew and to Brent Armbruster for this great news and we can't wait until the first Twins Series event of the 2013 season to see them all in action together!

Press release courtesy of the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Twins Series Championship team.

Columbus, Ohio -- October 27, 2012

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports, Inc. (LBM) is proud to announce that multi-time Grand National Championship and AMA Pro Racing Tuner of the Year, Brent Armbruster will be joining the team effective immediately.

“Our entire team and sponsors are extremely excited to have Brent join our efforts,” exclaimed team co-owner David Lloyd.  “I have known Brent for almost three decades. His personality, work ethic, race craft and attention to detail will be a big step forward for the team.”

“I am really excited about a fresh start in 2013 and working with the LBM team and Henry Wiles.  I have known David and Michael Lloyd since we first raced Amateur Nationals when we were 14 years old.

"I have a lot of respect for what the Lloyd Brothers team has done in the past and their efforts to build the sport,” said Armbruster.  “Henry is a great rider and his record speaks for itself.  I am really looking forward to excellent finishes next season as the team challenges for the overall championship” continued Armbruster.

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  1. Awesome,This will be very exciting next year with Henry,Brent & the LBM working together.This combination should have a few riders worried every racing weekend.
    Jeff Armbruster

    1. Things are always exciting with the great bunch of guys on the LBM team, but yes, with Brent coming in new for the new season it should add and extra level of excitement to their game all around. I'm looking forward to the new season, even more then I usually do. Thanks for coming by Jeff, and for taking the time to comment. Always great to hear from the fans, and especially one that must be related to the story above!


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