Monday, October 22, 2012

AMA Flat Track: Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Team Raises $10.2K for Air Fence Fund in 2012 Buell Raffle Sales

Round 4 of the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by Motorcycle-Superstore.coms season gets ready to roll into action as the first Twins Series event of the year is set to hit the track at the Springfield Mile I on May 27.  2-Time AMA Pro Flat Track Singles Champion Henry Wiles slips on his gloves as he prepares to take the #17 Lloyd Brothers Motorsports/Foremost Insurance Group/Ramspur Winery/Motorcyclist Magazine-sponsored Italian 'L' twin out for the day's first practice session as team co-owner Mike Lloyd looks on while brother Dave fires up the big red machine.

In their second year of partnering with AMA Pro Racing, the Ohio-based team again put on a raffle this season to help gather funds for the flat track Air Fence Fund.  The prize this year was another 2009 Buell XB12 simliar to the machine that was raffled off last season, both of which were used during the '09 AMA Pro Road Racing seasons as pace bikes.  Along with Saddlemen, Arai, and a host of other great sponsors and people, the team added to the $11.5K raised last season by bringing in just over $10.2K this year in ticket sales, which is the fourth largest donation overall to the dirt track side of the air fence fund to go along with last season's third-largest donation.

The RoadRacing World Air Fence Fund is THE single best way that anyone can get involved by helping to support the series, and most importantly the safety of the riders in the series.  An impact-absorbing 'air pillow' that lines the track and helps to protect the riders from immoveable objects, this safety device is probably the single-biggest innovation in safety in high-speed motorcycle racing in the last few decades.

Transported from race-to-race and maintained by the great folks on the AMA Pro Flat Track Blue Crew, sections of this great life saver eventually wear out and have to be replaced, and that is where these last two seasons' of raffle tickets sold have been so helpful and so needed, in order to maintain the high level of safety needed at each and every event on the schedule.

A big thanks go out to the LBM team for their undying efforts to help maintain and add to the sanctity of this great life saving effort, for their time in transporting the bikes the last two seasons to each of the Twins Series events on the schedule, to getting the tickets made up and sold at each of those events, and for doing such a top-notch job of displaying not only their wares in the sport, but for doing so with the Buell display at each event for the fans to check out.

While some of the fans check out the '09 Buell XR12R on display (background left) at round 5 of the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by season, Lloyd Brothers Motorsports co-owner Mike Lloyd sells another raffle ticket to another great fan of the sport for the 2012 Air Fence Fund Buell raffle at the Lima Half-Mile on June 30.  Brother Dave looks after the funds just behind him during the fan walk held at the Allen County Fairgrounds event.

The LBM team and rider Henry Wiles helped contribute to the RoadRacing World Air Fence Fund again this season and added to the donations raised for the dirt track donation list, with the help of AMA Pro Racing, Saddlemen, Mr. Sign and Army Armstrong.

William Jones of Ramsey, N.J. won the grand prize Buell that was announced at the season-finale at Pomona on October 13, and Bob Morris of Wheeler, MI. won the Saddlemen runner-up prize for their worthy ticket purchases this season.  Congrats to you both!

And again, a big thanks to the super efforts of Mike, Dave, Henry, crew chief Dave Gamble and the rest of the great people involved with the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports team for taking the time to go the extra distance in helping to keep the riders safe, and a tip of the helmet as well goes to AMA Pro Racing for donating the Buells the last two season to be raffled off for the Air Fence Fund.

You can check out the official press release below from the LBM team.

Press release courtesy of the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports AMA Pro Flat Track Twins Series Championship contenders

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You can keep up with the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports team here via their official site:

And here is the link to the list of people that bought tickets for the 2012 Air Fence Fund Raffle:

Here is the complete list of contributors to the RoadRacing World Air Fence Fund for dirt track:

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