Sunday, October 25, 2009

Congrats to Jared Mees, 2009 AMA Grand National 'Twins' Champion

After not transfering directly out of his heat race, Jared Mees nailed down 2nd in the
second of 2 semi-races last night, transfering him to the main event last night in Pomona.
After 25 laps, Mees ended up in 5th place, good enough to win the 'twins' championship over 3-time and defending champ Kenny Coolbeth by 9 points in the final tally.
Congrats to Jared and his Blue Springs Screamin Eagle Team in grabbing the championship
in what was a hard fought year! Great job!
The shots above are of Jared dropping the hammer off the line at Springfield at the Labor Day
W/E running of the mile classic during his heat race in 2006. Also alongside Jared on the #21
bike in the front row are among others #67 Mike Hacker, #42 Bryan Smith, #28 Shaun
Russell, #89 Kevin Varnes and #33 J.R. Schnabel.
In the second shot Jared holds the throttle open coming out of turn 2 at Lima while ahead of
#9 and 3-time GNC Jay Springsteen during practice for the summer classic held the last w/e
of June of every year. This shot was in June of '06.

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