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Mid-America Speedway Resumes Action on Saturday July 14

Mid-America Speedway Issue No. 10
2011 Panoramic
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Attention Quads:
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Attention Quad Riders
We also need to remind quad riders that you must have visible numbers. We prefer a number on the front bumper, right side nerf bar, and on the rear grab bar/bumper. Numbers should be made from a color that is easily visible from 75' feet away Black on white, or white on black is the easiest to read. Chrome numbers are very difficult to read. Please remember that if we cannot read your number you will not be scored. I was watching the Quad races in Columbus on June 6th, and many of the quad riders did not have visible numbers, and thus were not scored.
Minor Waivers

Please remember that a parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver for any rider under the age of 18 in order to enter the pits. If a rider is going to be accompanied by anyone other than a parent/legal guardian they must have a notarized release signed by the child's parent/legal guardian. We can also email a copy of the release form if needed. Minor releases are not required for the grandstands.

Practice Nights

The next practice night will be Wednesday, July 18th

Practices are generally held each Wednesday provided there is not a race on the following Saturday. Remember that minors must have a parent/legal guardian sign the waiver.

The link to view the practice schedule is:
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Racing resumes at Mid-America this Saturday, July 14th during Dreyer Honda South Night. Dreyer Honda South is located at 595 E. Tracy Road, in Whiteland, IN. They carry top products from Honda, Honda Power Equipment, Fox Racing, Icon, MSR and so much more. Stop in and look for your next sport bike, cruiser, ATV, or even an outboard motor.

The featured class this week is Vet 30+ and we will be giving $100 to the race winner in addition to the reqular trophy/buyback.

We also need to ask that only tow vehicles enter the pits. With the rider counts that we have been getting, we have run out of room for non-essential vehicles in the pits.

We do owe all of the riders and spectators an apology for the dust at the last race. We started watering at 9:30 that morning, and we were putting water down as fast as we could until the fairboard unexpectedly had to borrow the water tank from 1:30-3:30. This allowed the water we had put down to evaporate and we were never able to get ahead of the watering the rest of the evening. We have a solution in place that will allow us to get more water down and also slow down the evaporatation rate. We also ripped the entire surface up last Wednesday and graded it back to being pool table smooth that we are known for.

Please take a minute to read to bring yourself up to speed on what is happenning at Mid-America Speedway

Important times to remember:

Riders Meeting: 4:00pm
Practice: 4:30pm
Heats: 7:00pm

The staff of Mid-America Speedway

Mid-America Updates
The last several updates have requested that people follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter address for Mid-America Speedway is @Midamspeedway. The track's website has also been updated so that tweets appear on the homepage of the Mid-America website. We plan on posting results as the checkered flag drops on the heats and mains.
Links to the Twitter and Facebook pages are posted to the bottom left of this email
Thank you
Thank you again for supporting Mid-America in the past and in the future. Without our fans, riders and sponsors we would not have what we have today.

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