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AMA Hall of Fame to Now Hold Special Vote on Nobby Clark Induction After Massive Fallout

Note to readers:  This is one catfight I've tried to stay out of, but in all fairness to all readers out there I did feel it necessary to post this response from the AMA Hall of Fame after the already infamous fallout from the induction of famed tuner Nobby Clark to the Hall of Fame, and the ensuing sh.. storm that has caused all of the fecal matter to hit the fan since.

There seems to be no end to the resignations from past heroes of our sport from the Hall of Fame nor any lack of finger pointing as to who is truly at fault over the mess that this has caused.  I'm not taking sides due to the fact that I know and have dealt with people on both sides of the front, but do feel as if the response from the HoF is newsworthy in the overall process to help try and get it all sorted out, and hopefully to everyone's liking.  Though that part alone could leave another trail of steaming fecal matter piled up along it's trail.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame to conduct supplemental vote for Derek 'Nobby' Clark induction

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- July 19, 2012 -- The American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Board of Directors will conduct a supplemental vote for the inclusion of Derek "Nobby" Clark in this year's Hall of Fame induction class.

The decision is in response to errors that occurred in the 2012 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame balloting process. The supplemental vote does not affect other 2012 Hall of Fame inductees.

"We believe Mr. Clark is worthy of induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame," said Jeffrey V. Heininger, the chairman of the AMHF. "It's important to stress that the balloting errors were not of Mr. Clark's making, and the entire board offers its sincere apologies to Mr. Clark."

The AMHF Board moved to put Mr. Clark's name to a vote that could see him inducted to the Hall of Fame at this year's induction ceremony in November.

"The only people who can elevate Mr. Clark to the Hall of Fame are the voting members, which include the living Hall of Famers," Heininger said. "A clear vote in light of all that has happened allows Mr. Clark to enter the Hall with the honor he deserves. We expect to start contacting voting members for balloting early next week."

The action follows a recommendation of the AMHF Executive Committee on Monday, July 16, when a report detailing problems with the 2012 Hall of Fame balloting process was discussed. The full report can be found at

Also in response to the errors in the 2012 ballot, Heininger told the AMHF board that the executive committee would convene a review panel to evaluate the Hall of Fame selection committees' structure, along with procedures to ensure the adherence to, and checks and balances within, the induction process.

"There were errors made at the staff and committee levels in the formulation of the 2012 ballot." Heininger said. "Those errors were rightly investigated, and the process must -- and will be -- corrected going forward.

"Recent events show that while the procedure for selecting Hall of Famers is sound, the implementation of that procedure leaves too much room for mistakes," Heininger said. "It is important, for the integrity of the selection process and the Hall of Fame itself, to make sure our balloting is beyond reproach."

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