Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aprilia Mille Flat Tracker For Sale by Lloyd Brothers

I found an interesting post over at the forum that has the Lloyd Brothers Aprilia flat track bike up for sale. This is the bike as shown at the Indy Mile in August of 2009 as ridden for that race by Aaron King, the talented son of now-retired flat track great Rich King. This bike has also been ridden in the past by Larry Pegram, Dan Stanley and Scott Stump.
The Lloyd Brothers will be putting together the Ducati effort this year as to be ridden again by Larry Pegram, when he's not busy with his AMA Road Racing schedule, and new for 2010 Joe Kopp, the 2000 AMA Grand National Flat Track Champion.
For a little less then $20K, you can be ready to hit the track this year with this bike, and with the change up in the rules as to restricting the alloy XR's, could put you right up at the top of the practice charts with some practice. One thing for certain, if it involves Lloyd Brothers, it's solid. Good long history of flat track competition and road racing from these Ohio-based gents. They've been developing the Ducati's and Aprilia's now in the flat track scene since '05. Pegram put the first one in a mile main at the season ender at DuQuoin that year in a great run. The posts below will take you to the low down and to the official site of Lloyd Brothers Racing.
Check them out and hit up your loan officer at your neighborhood bank.......
Here's the link as found over at Flat that advertises the bike for sale:
Here's the official link to the Lloyd Brothers Racing site:

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