Monday, February 1, 2010

Larry Lawrence From The Rider Wants You to Know What Has Happened With The AMA and AMA Pro Racing....

One of the many people who I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life, especially when it comes to the world of motorcycle racing, is Larry Lawrence, formerly the AMA Media Rep, and currently the man who brings us his great website, as well as penning
a great historical column for called 'Archives.' And when he isn't doing those great things for the motorcycle racing community, he has also been covering the AMA Flat Track scene for for the last couple of years as well. The man knows, loves, eats and breathes motorcycle racing, and motorcycle rider rights and how they effect the members of the AMA and it's representatives and partners.
Of all of the stories and drama that have effected the current state of affairs as it pertains to motorcycle racing on the North American continent of late has been the sale of AMA Pro Racing to the France family's DMG/Daytona Motorcycle Group. Not only the effect it has had on racing, but the effect it has had on the AMA themselves, it's members, representatives and partners, the fans, teams, riders and sponsors. And the list goes on......
Whether you currently agree with or see the changes in the state of U.S. racing that are and have been going on for the better part of the last 18-20 months, you should take the time to read what 'Scary Larry'/'Double L'/Larry Larry has to say about the goings on in, about and around the AMA and the people that are apart of the 'changing of the guard' so-to-speak. Larry recently took part in an interview with one of the other stalwarts of the motorcycle press/media/internet darlings, one Dean Adams with and what was said and brought out was pretty enlightening, let alone mind boggling. Never mind the bickering and finger pointing that has been going on from all angles over this debacle, this brings to the surface in true journalist fashion how truly f***ed up things are in the house of AMA right now, and how it has, can and will possibly effect you as a motorcycle racing fan or rider. Dean gets Larry to discuss not only his insight and background on the subject, but gets him to open up on what kind of mess is emanating out of the Pickerington Posse as of late.
As always, with Larry involved you get the type of news and views that you, as a hard core race fan and devotee, have come to love and respect from the man that has the forever smile, the flowing pen, and the inside line to bring it as it is--like it or not. And having been involved with this thing for so long, well, let's just say that when it comes to cutting news and journalistic ability, Double L brings it. But, being as how I have known the man and followed his work for close to three decades now, I may be a little bit opinionated or even biased. Hey, I know a good thing when it comes to this great sport of ours since I have followed it myself for close to four decades. But don't take my word for it, read it (and weep) for yourself and form your own opinions as to what LL has to say. At the very least you will be much better informed on the facts of the stories and goings on so that you will, if nothing else, be that much more educated on this whole mess. Grab a cold--or hot this time of year--beverage of your choice and sit back and read it here:
Since this is more for informational and educational purposes, I only had a couple of loose shots to throw in for today's post. Having known Larry since the early '80s, it's surprising that I don't have more shots of him in one way or another. But like myself, only on a much more grandeur scale then what I have done, with Larry being behind the lens at these events, you don't get many shots of you or your pals over the course of the weekend, since the action is on the track, so I am sure he will forgive me, as you will, for the lack of shots on this one. And if not, well, you all will get over it, won't you..................
Opening shot is one I took of Larry at Elkhart Lake back in June of '91. Like all good writers and photographers, he has his gear on and is on the move. And the patented Larry Lawrence smile is there to boot. The other shot I threw in today is one I have used before that is more of a testament to how much Larry DOES get around on a race weekend then it is OF him.
Again at Elkhart Lake, only in June of '90, I was walking through the AMA paddock and had taken this shot of Doug Chandler, 3-Time AMA Superbike Champion, who was looking over the shoulder of his tuner Merlyn Plumlee while they were getting his Muzzy Kawasaki ZX7-based superbike up to snuff for the weekend. When I got it developed after the races, lo-and-behold who would be walking by--and smiling like a cheshire cat as always--was Double L. You might not recognize him like I do and would, since he IS in the background in the blue/white striped shirt and blue jeans, but the smile is unmistakable. His head is just inside the 'D' where Doug later signed this shot for me some years later.
Thanks for coming by and listening to me rant again. As always I appreciate the fact that you would take your spare time to come by and hang with us here at Stu's Shots and I sincerely hope that you found something interesting here to pique your interest(s) and that you will want to come back and listen to me rant again.......and maybe even check out a few shots here and there!

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