Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Story About Some Damaged Motorcycle Guys....

If you want to read a GREAT perspective on how messed up road racing is in the
U.S. since the Damaged Motorcycle Guys took over AMA Road Racing-and Flat Track--
this year, take the time to read the following article posted today by the one and only
journalist to be considered officially dead in the media room to these folks, Mr. Dean
Dean has been running his website and writing for the print mags since dirt was born,
and has provided truth and cutting edge journalism to the people of the motorcycle racing
community for quite a damned while now. Probably longer then when I saw my first
AMA Road Race at Road America in May of '82, but that is another topic for another time.
Today he posted an article on his website, http://www.superbikeplanet.com/, that pretty much sums
up the mess that is road racing in the U.S. today thanks to the fine people who also bring you
NASCrash. Not that I'm not a fan of that, but compared to the bike racing, okay, come on,
what's your point?! But this one is as close to the gut as a shot of buckshot in telling it like it
is and how messed up their organization is and has become and as a result the mess and trail
of bodies--so to speak--that they have left behind in their trail while making U.S. road racing
look like Romper Room get togethers to the rest of the world.
Read it and make your own opinions.....I sure have! Go Dean! One thing about those mirrors
people hold up in front of others--they may not like the reflection but it sure does bring out those dimples!


More discussions of this article can also be found on the FlatTrack.com reader forum here:


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