Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AMA/DMG Damages As Summed Up by John Ulrich..

Here is another insightful article penned by long-time moto-journalist John Ulrich from
http://www.roadracingworld.com/, that also does a wonderful job of showing the mess that the
DMG-led AMA Road Racing series has and is now. Take the time to read this and as many
of the links he has posted as well, if you can, as it does a super job of showing what an
abortion the AMA Road Racing series has become:


...and yet another outlook from www.roadracingworld.com:


Thanks John! You are another of the GREAT moto-journalists that has covered this mess
since the start, let alone your outstanding resume as it applies to racing.
Folks, you don't get any more tenured then this gentleman when it comes to racing motorcycles
in any road racing series. This man has a pedigree in racing that makes a New York showdog
look like a street mutt. Great reading and racing from this man!

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