Monday, September 28, 2009

A Few Interesting Links Concerning AMA/DMG Road Racing....

While checking out Mat Mladin trying to check out from Ben Spies, Jamie Hacking, Eric Bostrom, Neil Hodgson, Aaron Yates, Miguel Duhamel, and the rest of the field in race 2 at Road America,
during the June '08 w/e, here are a few interesting links to stories that have come out in the
last couple of weeks about the current regime of the AMA Road Racing series as we know it being run by the DMG folks.
These will help you to form your own opinions as to the current and future state of road racing
in the U.S. as it is presented and run by these people. And to the level of discontent, name-calling, rules-bending and the 'what we will do to handle things today'-way that they have
taken in running this once great series into the ground. And their very own interpretations
of how they have been doing so, what they plan to do to change it, how they plan to change it,
and most likely how they eventually will kill it off like a dying animal. Or something to that effect.
And as I said, you can make and form and think your own opinions on this level of mayhem that
has infected what was once a great championship series, once you have read these stories and
tales and then you can realize, as I have, that the animal may just be begging for mercy. Or a
good hospice to wait out the inevitable.......

I can guarantee one thing. When you get done reading this short link list of articles, you'll
either be laughing your a.. off about the whole discombobulated situation, or you won't be
able to sleep. Or you'll be laughing so hard you can't sleep. Or you may just want to lay
down and beg for mercy just like that animal.......your option......or theirs.

Thanks to the fine folks at,, and for the links and the great coverage
of all that is messed up in AMA Road Racing as we know it under the DMG umbrella. And for
being able to report the truth of the whole situation as well as the truisms as spouted by the
DMG phobes. You are not dead to us.

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