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GoldenTyre Announced as Sponsor & Spec Tire for 2013 Steve Nace Racing AMA All-Star National Flat Track Series

Indianapolis' Mid-America Speedway hosted their 'Night Before the Indy Mile' event on August 17, 2012 and one of the racers that took advantage of Mid-America's great short track venue was 7-Time AMA Grand National Champion Chris Carr.  The Prince of Peoria and the #2 man on the winningest-rider list in AMA Grand National Championship racing history was on-hand to further develop the GoldenTyre flat track rubber that he had been tasked with testing in the States for the European entity.

Carr made the rounds this last season while testing for the Italian company, hitting up several racing venues across the map in order to help test and evaluate what could possibly become at the time a new option for flat track racing rubber. 

Today that option became a reality as Chris and GoldenTyreUSA have announced their partership with Steve Nace Racing, one of the best of the best of the AMA Pro Flat Track Blue Crew folks and who also runs the AMA All-Star National Flat Track Series.  GoldenTyreUSA will now be the official spec tire and added sponsor for what is considered the second-tier series on the U.S. flat track scene behind the AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship.

In a move that will see rumoured prices $35-50 less per set for 'DT-II'-equivalent race rubber (Goodyear DT-II rubber currently runs around $190/tire), GoldenTyreUSA and Carr will collaborate to supply tires to the Steve Nace Racing series and also help to establish continency funds for amateur racers, while helping to increase the points fund for the pros in the process.

Carr is shown in the above shot tightening things up after mounting up a new 'DT-II'-spec flat track rear tire at the Mid-America event on his #4 DFW Honda/GoldenTyre-sponsored Honda CRF450R.

You can read the full press release below and we'll be looking forward to seeing GoldenTyre at the All-Star races next season.  Once the schedule is released for the 2013 Steve Nace Racing AMA All-Star National Flat Track Series by GoldenTyre you can find that at Steve's official site as listed below.

Press release courtesy of Chris Carr Racing/CC4, LLC & GoldenTyre USA

AMA All-Star National Flat Track Series by GoldenTyre

November 29, 2012 

The 2013 AMA All Star National Flat Track Series gains support from European tire manufacturer GoldenTyre through US importer, CC4 LLC.  This agreement will insure competitors with great tires at more reasonable prices, with contingency money opportunities for amateur competitors, and an increase in the points fund for professional racers at all 2013 AMA All Star National Flat Track Series rounds.  GoldenTyre will also assist the Series with unique and engaging marketing strategies while introducing their brand to the American market.

GoldenTyre is officially the Spec Tire for the 2013 AMA All Star National Flat Track Series in the amateur and professional classes utilizing 19" wheels.  The new CC5 and CC4 tires were inspired through rigorous testing by Chris Carr, 7-Time AMA Grand National Champion.  Competitors wishing to pre-order their tires can contact Chris Carr, owner of CC4,LLC, at (610) 888-3518 or via e-mail at:

Chris Carr, CC4 LLC:  "I can think of no better place than the AMA All Star National Flat Track Series to introduce the GoldenTyre Brand of flat track tires to the amateur and pro flat track market.  Steve Nace and his crew have done more to promote amateur flat track racing than any single organization in recent memory.  I look forward to providing additions to the pro points fund as well as contingency programs for the amateurs in what has become a great series of races".

Marco Cavallini, Goldentyre President:  " We are extremely excited to start this collaboration with Steve Nace and Chris Carr.  We believe that Flat Track is the root of American Motorcycle Racing and we are happy to be able to work with the All Star Flat Track Series and Chris Carr to bring innovation and a fresh push to this discipline."

Steve Nace, All Star Series President:  "We believe this collaboration will be positive for the sport of flat track.   We are excited to bring a new, affordable product to the racers.  GoldenTyre & CC4 LLC have put forth great effort in the design & development of their competition tires.   We are thankful for the opportunity to introduce both the professional and amateur competitors of American flat track racing to this new competitive tire through the AMA All Star National Flat Track Series by GoldenTyre.   Not only will this initially double the professional points fund, it will also give the amateur racers a chance to earn tires through a contingency program."


For more info on GoldenTyre and the All-Star Flat Track Series check out and

GoldenTyre USA Office
toll free: 855.USA.TYRE (855.872.8973)


  1. These tires are the real deal. I seen them in action at peoria speedway in june with my own eyes.Chris had these tires mounted on his ride and he looked like he was on rails glued to the track.This was the first ride on these tires and he was just playin in the expert main.he let the whole field go and he gave wiles fits to the point he had to let him go by.Granted chris is one of the best riders to ever throw a leg over a motorcycle old g prince of peoria.All said boarders support the people that support our sport.Thanks nace racing for a great 2012 season see ya in 2013. Bobbie Gillespie #172

    1. Thanks Bobbie for commenting and in a positive light about this new development. One thing the masses are divided on is the fact that now racers running both the All-Star and AMA Pro events WILL have to run two different brands of tires, thusly costing more for extra wheels and tires. That IS true, but looking alone at the GoldenTyre costs they will be significantly less then the AMA-spec Goodyears and the often-used Maxxis at other events. You can look at this in two ways 1). yes, it will add initially to costs for riders running both events 2). with the added option of another supplier, costs COULD come down in that area should the AMA or anyone else so decide to use these once contracts are up or should they decide to use them. The fact that another supplier felt like getting into the game with a 'less-expensive' option in itself makes for GREAT news, no matter how the naysayers look at it. Bottom line, it's still racing and racing costs $$$$$$. A new supporter in itself should help to broaden the landscape in terms of options and maybe even exposure. And right now, flat track needs ALL of the GOOD exposure it can get!
      Thanks again for coming by Bobbie, we appreciate seeing you drop in.

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on a set of these tires! Having another tire mfg step up and build an affordable option for us racers is nothing but positive! I've already contacted CC about aquiring a set and perhaps doing a co-promotion with the VDTRA here in TX/OK. Stay tuned for more exciting info for the 2013 VDTRA season. It's going to be a great year! Aaron Eustace (Fast47 Productions).

    Thanks Stu for all you do to help the sport.

    1. Thanks, Aaron, I really appreciate your kind words and I'll do my best to keep on keepin on!
      Also, great to hear more positive comments on what I have thought all along is a super addition to the sport. In the long term and big picture of things, having another tire supplier let alone another sponsor come into the sport is a great thing and a big step. And with Chris Carr's input and involvement you know it can't be a bad deal!


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