Saturday, May 1, 2010

AMA Flat Track Live Event Timing Up and Running at Prescott Valley Mile for May Day

Mike Hacker #67 shoots around the outside of 7-Time Grand National Champion Chris Carr #4 diving into turn 1 at The Springfield Mile Hall of Fame Weekend final event over Labor Day Weekend in 2001. Right on their heels are 3-Time Grand National Champion Jay Springsteen on the #9 and crowd and personal favorite #23 Kevin Atherton. All but Carr have pretty much retired from active regular competition. Springsteen is working with Bill Werner on the newly established Werner Springsteen Kawasaki Racing team that features #42 Bryan Smith. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Great news for AMA Flat Track fans is the news that the 'live timing and scoring' is back up and currently running for the Arizona Mile event currently running practice sessions as of this writing.
Hats and helmets off to the AMA Flat Track team of Mike Kidd and Steve Morehead for getting the glitches worked out and the application going for us fans who are unable to attend the event this weekend. You guys rule!

I've updated the links on the left side column to include the new updated app. Or you can just click here:

You can get all of the event's info by clicking the link here:

Keep in mind that Prescott Valley is -7 GMT, or three hours behind EDT!

Grand National Twitter highlights and updates can also be found here:

Prescott Valley weather info:

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