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AMA Pro Flat Track Veteran & Former Daytona Short Track Winner Johnny Lewis Announces '10 Training' Riding Schools

2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship Daytona Short Track I winner Johnny Lewis announced late yesterday that he is starting up a new challenge in his life and will be hosting some new rider training classes under the '10 Training' banner and name that he has just debuted from his new home in Ocala, Florida.

Lewis, who won the Daytona round three seasons ago while riding for the Scott Powersports team, is also a former AMA Supermoto Champion and has also spent some time as a rider instructor with former National #67 Mike Hacker's RIDE Academy schools.

In the shot above, Lewis checks out the #10 KTM/GE Capital/Waters Autobody KTM LC8 950 while one of the wrenches for the WAB team makes some adjustments in between qualifying rounds at the Springfield Mile I on May 25 during round 3 of the 2014 AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship season at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Check out the full release below, and if you're in the market to get some great tips on rider control from one of the pros in the business, JL10 can help you out with his new venture, 10 Training.

Press release/newsletter courtesy of Johnny 'JL10' Lewis & 10 Training
Thank you for checking out 10 Training's first ever newsletter by AMA Pro Flat Track Racer National #10 Johnny Lewis- owner of 10 Training.  Watch the 10 Training intro video below to find out more on what 10 Training is all about and what's to come! Note: Future videos won't be this long!
What's to come?

- Riding training/ technique tips

- Physical training/technique tips

- Nutritional tips/recipes/meal planning

- Mental training tips/exercises

- Marketing/promotional tips

- Sponsor product reviews

- Sponsor product give-a-ways

- 10 Training credit earning programs

10 Training
 Dates/Locations/Training type/Price:

- April 19th Ocala, FL TT Style Training $175

- May 3rd Ocala, FL Evolve Training $275

- June 10-12th Mattoon, IL Boot Camp $675*

- June 13th Neoga, IL Dirt Track Training $275*

- July 6-10th Du Quion, IL 10 Training
Amateur Nationals Support Program $50*

* More info below- full details.

- Including Northeast mid July & Southeast mid August


When: JUNE 10th Wednesday/ 11th Thursday/ 12th Friday 2015



***ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT/ out of 10***

Former amateur AMA Sports Athlete of the Year, AMA Sports Flat Track Horizon Award winner, Cycle News Fast Brain Award winner, multiple time AMA Amateur National Champion, AMA PRO SUPERMOTO race winner, & AMA PRO FLAT TRACK race winner, Johnny Lewis, owner of 10 Training is bringing years of experience from not only his amateur success but success as a pro in both AMA Pro Supermoto Championship and AMA Pro Flat Track Championship together in a 3 day class "boot camp" style for inspiring riders looking to evolve to the next level. The 3 day class that will cover riding techniques, physical, mental, nutritional, and even marketing training that will help the students develop goals and a plan to put in action whether its at this year 2015 AMA Amateur Grand National Championships, local races, or even every training/ practice session this year to progress. To progress it starts with goals, to reach these goals you need a plan.
      The 3 day class will kick off Tuesday night June 9th with students getting dropped off with bikes, personal belongings, and then picking up their 10 Training binder that students will take notes, add comments throughout the 3 days and leave with a training tool to look at for years to come. Johnny and crew will go over agenda for the next 3 days, get in some light stretching and then get some shut eye. Yes, we will provide room and board for the students at a private property. Each day will kick off with breakfast, physical and mental training and then some riding time. We will also get into marketing, social networking (the good & bad), resume & sponsorship training over the course of the 3 days.
     The first two days will be on training bikes ranging from 70cc- 150cc which we recommend the riders supply training bikes but we will work with the riders to get a bike if needed. Bikes can have knobbies and or flat track tires on them. 10 Training will provide all snacks, meals, refreshments, and also educate on nutrition/fueling the body before, during, and after training or race days. ( NOTE: We will ask for any food allergies, request in the sign up form.)
    The third day will then be held at a second location ( Neoga) after the normal morning routine. The 10 Training crew will then load up the race bikes and students ( or parents/ legal guardian can meet at track with race bikes), where the students will get to ride their race bike on a full size tracks. Johnny and crew will work with the students throughout the final "Boot Camp" day to put it all together! Parents/ legal guardian are welcome to be watch, take notes, and interact with the class. Lunch will be served on the 3rd day to the students, but will be available to others for a $5 fee.
At the end of the 3rd and final day of "Boot Camp" we will have a debriefing session, enjoy some laughs, and hand out some awards!
Johnny will then call/ Skype to follow up with each student 2 weeks after the "Boot Camp" to see how their new program is going and to see if the students/ parents/ legal guardian have any questions.
This "Boot Camp" is designed for students ranging from 9-18 years old age at this time. But if you have a students younger and or older don't hesitate to email Johnny to discuss.
Drop off: Mattoon, Illinois Fat Boy Racing ( the Daniel's residents) After 6pm June 9th
Students will eat, sleep, training at this location Days 1 & 2
Day 3: CENTRAL ILLINOIS MOTORCYCLE CLUB Neoga TT & Short Track ( 15 miles from Daniel's residents)
COST: $675
Includes: meals, room & board, riding, training.
- Running shoes
- Training clothes ( socks, shorts, t-shirts, hoodie)
- Normal clothes
- Riding gear
- Training bike 70cc- 150cc 4 stroke with flat track or knobbies
- Practice/Race bike- what ever bike you want to learn on the 3rd day
- Fuel for both bikes
What is the overall goal of this camp? Johnny wants to provide all the tools he has developed over the years to allow your rider to progress to his or her next level. After leaving the camp, riders will have had set their own personal goals both on and off the track which 10 Training's Johnny Lewis will have had helped build an outline on how to reach these goals. Students will leave with riding goals, nutritional goals, physical goals, mental goals, and marketing goals and tools/program to reach these goals.


WHEN: JUNE 13th Saturday


COST: $275


10 Training "DIRT TRACK DAY" 1 day training class. Learn on your race bike under the watchful eye of Johnny Lewis and the 10 Training crew. Riding training with light physical and mental training techniques to help develop the students to reach goals on and off the track.


BOOT CAMP students want to add an additional DIRT TRACK DAY to the program? Add a day for $125 more which includes dinner/ room & board Friday night plus breakfast Saturday morning.



- "Race Bike" it can be your CRF 100 or your KTM 450, what ever you want to learn on. We recommend all bikes have flat track tires.

- Fuel for bike, you will get alot of riding in so to be safe 5 gallons

- Riding gear: helmet, gloves, eye protection, jersey, pants, chest& back guard, boots.

- NOTE pad & pen or Ipad for you high tech racers.


Time: 9-5pm


Lunch is provided to riders, friends & family can purchase lunch at event.


- To HOLD a spot you must send a $100 deposit to 10 Training PayPal Account- email address for PayPal is 
- It will be first come, first serve for the first 14 spots, additional entries after the 14 spots are filled can be put on waiting list for an opening in the class.
- Unless your on the waiting list your deposit is none refundable after May 31st, unless rider has injury or medical issue, in that case a refund will be issued.
- The remaining balance can be paid prior the camp using PayPal or on Dirt Track Day by check or cash.

10 TRAINING "Amateur National Support Program"

WHEN: JULY 5th-10th

WHERE:  Du Quion, Illinois

COST: $50- (no cost to " Boot Camp" students)



- Signed up riders are welcome to the 10 Training hospitality area throughout the week to enjoy healthy snack/drinks,  ask for support/ tips, to just relax, join in on the morning stretch program each morning, enjoy Xbox/ games at night, plus a 10 training tshirt!
Johnny will be on hand starting June 5th at 6pm* (*Time subject to change) Sunday, the day before racing begins to talk racing on the mile, goal setting for each day/ week, and more.



Positivity, smiles, questions!




Want to have Johnny work more one on one with your rider at this years amateur nationals?

Email him at

Note: Limited to 2 riders for more one on one support at this years amateur nationals events. 

10 Training Contact information:

Johnny Lewis
C- 484-354-2852
Instagram- @johnnylewis10
Facebook- @lewis10

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