Saturday, January 5, 2013

AMA Flat Track: Kerr Graphix Releases 2012 AMA Pro Singles Championship Season Video Review

Tight company you say?  For the riders in the AMA Pro Flat Track Pro Singles Championship Series this is a normal walk in the park for the 'junior' or 'feeder' division of The Rolling Thunder Show that is AMA Pro Flat Track racing.  Tight racing and even tighter quarters are the norm in the 450cc-based championship that acts as the proving ground for the future stars of the greatest racing series on wheels in the world.

At round 5 of the 2012 AMA Pro Pro Singles Championship season never was there more of a display of the superb racing in this series then from heat race 2 as shown above on the first lap at the Allen County Fairgrounds hosting of the Ohio National Championship as the riders bore into turn one with the fans, team owners and racers lining the outside fence ready to get pelted with pea gravel as they grit their teeth in anticipation of what's to come.

With barely a portion of a wheel out front, eventual 2012 Pro Singles Champion Stephen Vanderkuur puts his #10J Parkinson Brothers Racing Honda CRF450R into the early lead in what would translate into the heat win over Zach Palmer on his #81C Honda (mostly hidden to the right of Vanderkuur.)  Michael Bickerton on the #28P Hogwrench Racing Honda tries to get inside, while Brandon Laursen on his #82J Laursen Racing Honda holds the low line.

Also battling for position are Chaz Springsteen on the #29J TCR Honda, Matt Zacher on his #15B Zacher Construction Honda, Robbie Treinen on his #71L FM Ceiling & Remodeling Honda, and Jordan McCready on the #11J Parkinson Brothers Honda.  Jacob Constantine on his #59B self-sponsored Honda, Coy Matthews on the #30F Kings Kustoms Honda, and Eric Stump on the #77A Markbilt Race Bikes Honda get a good drive off of the back row.

Ken Kerr/Kerr has released another season wrap-up video of his superb photo work while covering the majority of the midwest National stops throughout the 2012 season.  Earlier this week we were treated to Ken's season wrap-up of the Grand National Championship season, and today we get to enjoy his equivalent from the AMA Pro Pro Singles Championship Series.  

Buckle up and hold on tight!

A big thanks to Ken Kerr/Kerr Graphix for his 2012 AMA Pro Pro Singles Championship season wrap-up video from his photo collection shot this year.  We appreciate the great work, time and effort that Ken puts into the sport and he always comes through with some excellent stuff.  Thanks man!

You can view Ken's catalog here at his official site, Kerr

And here is the link to Ken's wrap-up video for the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Twins Series Championship season from earlier this week:

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