Friday, February 20, 2009

Wes Cooley, 2-Time AMA Superbike Champion

The special time of year that all WERA racers look forward to, is
the WERA GNF at Road Atlanta. I had the pleasure of going there
in October of 1990 with my good friend Jim Knipp. It was my first
ever trip to the 2.5 mile red clay course, but I loved it at once when I
saw Wes Cooley pulling monster wheelies out of then turn 5 during the
endurance race. And I swear he knew I was there after a few laps because
they started getting higher and wilder! It was simply friggin awesome, seeing
that wonderful rider-control and that monster power. Bruce Hammer and
John Uhlrich put together an awesome team and super equipment over the years
and adding Cooley, the former 2-time AMA Superbike Champ to the fray was
icing on the cake that year. A true champ, a wonderful person, and a guy with
really big nads that could always crank it to the max in the seat.

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