Monday, February 16, 2009

Don Castro Natl #11, Kaw Triple, Terre Haute August 1975

This was the Sunday before the Indy Mile the upcoming, and now infamous, '75 Indy Mile.
Erv Kanemoto showed up at T.H. with this ultra-trick H2 Kaw with ex-Yamaha factory rider
Donnie Castro--he was still wearing his leathers from his factory ride the previous 2 seasons with Yamaha.
It didn't make the final at Terre Haute, nor at Indy the next w/e, but it sure wasn't from lack of talent from either the rider or the 'wrench.' It was some slick looking piece of machinery. With a
2-stroke wail like a thousand chainsaws. It was sheer music to the ears for an old 2-stroke fan!

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