Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Website From a Great Old Pro!! Check it out....

While you are checking out the various racing going on around the
world this w/e, please take the time to visit the following link:

...and the official shameless plug for Stu's Shots R Us:

Larry Lawrence, who at one time took care of media relations with and for the AMA racing series, and whose fine work you can now also find in Cycle News, amongst other publications, has started his own website featuring some shots and stories he has done over the years.
Currently covering the AMA Flat Track Series on a regular basis as well as penning his column 'Archives' for Cycle News, Larry has been around the
motorcycle racing world almost as long as dirt, and myself have been. His weekly column is reason enough to buy and read CN, but his coverage of the
flat track series the last several years has been stellar, to say the least.
After all of the time he has wrapped up in doing this, 'LL' started his website earlier this month featuring a BOAT load of great archival shots and writings
that go back in to the 70s. Being an ole hoss like myself, he has been around some of the finest and fastest and his work more then speaks for itself. And I
can't remember when I ever heard anyone speak a harsh word about the man, so his jovial attitude and endearing smile and laugh almost immediately make you gravitate towards anything bike-related, or otherwise, he is involved with. The man is an expert and has fun, obviously, doing it!
Please take the time to check him out--I guarantee you won't be dissapointed!

The shot above is actually one of 3-Time AMA Superbike Champion Doug Chandler, that I took at Road America in June of '90, the w/e he won and continued on a tear for the rest of the year to capture his first AMA title. As
you look at the shot of Doug looking over his tuner's shoulder at the bike, in the
background you can see the constant-smiling face of Mr. Larry Lawrence walking past. He is the gentleman in the center-rear of the shot in blue jeans and light blue shirt. Okay, if you didn't know him well you might not recognize him, but nonetheless his 'Cheshire Cat' grin is one that never seems to disappear as you can tell.

Take care and enjoy the races and the w/e!

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