Saturday, October 25, 2014

MotoAmerica Adds Three Marketing Reps to Their Team


Costa Mesa, Calif. (October 21, 2014) — MotoAmerica, the new American road racing series, is pleased to announce the addition of several key new members of the MotoAmerica team. All three new team members will help to ensure that the MotoAmerica Road Racing series is marketed, promoted and communicated to the world in the best way possible. 
MotoAmerica has made a commitment to securing a premium TV package and has contracted Roger Elliot to help secure that program. Elliot brings a wealth of experience including 35 years of global motorsports business management and marketing experience, as a Partner in Global Marketing Partners and is the founder and President of PCG TV, the largest independent motorsports digital and television distributor in the world.
Mr. Elliot has distributed an RFQ to attract and retain a world-class digital and television production company.  Negotiations are underway for both linear (television) and digital media for MotoAmerica race distribution and feedback and response have been favorable. 
“I am very happy to be representing MotoAmerica to plan and activate their digital and television package,” said Elliot. “While still early in the process I can say with conviction that MotoAmerica will have an attractive network and digital television package in 2015 with world-class production.” 
In addition to Elliot, MotoAmerica is pleased to have contracted the professional services of Tom Moser. Moser has a global entertainment and sports marketing career of more than 35 years including a 20-year career at British American Tobacco, where he was accountable to lead their global sponsorships and author sponsorship marketing best practices for BAT’s 180 operating companies. Moser has deep experience in all forms of motor racing, including engagements such as Formula 1, Moto GP, World Rally and, in North America, IndyCar. Moser is contributing to the development of the company’s business and operating plan, and will support brand management, marketing and partnership development.   
Completing the new hires will be John Church, a 20-year veteran of the sports marketing and entertainment sponsorship industry who will lead MotoAmerica’s commercial activities, including sponsorship, promotions, licensing and media sales. He brings over two decades’ worth of experience in the packaging, presentation, sales and management of sponsorship. 
About MotoAmerica

MotoAmerica is the new North American roadracing series created in 2014. MotoAmerica is an affiliate of KRAVE Group LLC, a partnership that includes three-time 500cc World Grand Prix Champion Wayne Rainey, ex-racer and former manager of Team Roberts Chuck Aksland, motorsports marketing executive Terry Karges, and businessman Richard Varner.
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3186 Airway Ave Unit D, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 / / Info@MotoAmerica

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