Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Special Thanks to Florida Steve @ The Great 2-Stroke Biker Blog!


One of the last of the roaring 500CC World Championship 2-strokes sits on display outside the Suzuki tent at Mid Ohio in the summer of 2005. Kenny Roberts, Jr. had just won the 2000 500CC World Championship the year previous, but the '01 model failed to deliver, leaving KRJR in a lowly season-ending 11th place in the final championship. In 2002 Dorna re-named the series MotoGP and the 4-stroke era in World Championship motorcycle road racing was ushered in, to replace the ring-dings that had taken over the sport in the early-mid '70s.

I wanted to give a shout out to Florida Steve, who runs two of the best motorcycle photo display blog sites around the net. Steve's sites 2 Stroke Biker Blog and Motorcycle Photo of the Day are some of the best gathering spots on the net to peruse some of today's (and yesterday's) machinery of the two-wheeled variety. And that's what we're all about, right?!

Steve took the time to post a few more of my shots of the KRJR Suzuki from the '01 season on his site the other day, and being as how I am just getting caught up here I wanted to give him a big tip of the helmet and 'Thanks Man!' to let him know how much I appreciate him showcasing my work on his sites.

Here's the link to the post on the Big Blue Suzuki 500:


Steve also runs the Motorcycle Picture of the Day, which is morphing over to the Motorcycle Photo of the Day (due to some technical problems suffered a few weeks back.)

Here's the link to the old site:


And here is the link to the new and improved site, which he has managed to move everything from his original site to:


Thanks again for the nod Steve and keep up the great work!

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