Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Barnes Heads a List of 3 Other Riders Entered in the Macau GP...

Michael Barnes, who rode for the Richie Morris Racing team this year teamed
with Daytona Superbike Inaugural Champ Danny Eslick on the Buell 1125 bikes,
heads a list of 4 total riders that will compete in the upcoming Macau GP street race
next month. This will be the 43rd edition of the motorcycle part of the GP w/e, and
the 56th edition of the car-related part of the festivities.
Run through the streets of Macau, which is located in southeast China--and just west of
the country of Taiwan, the race is considered to be the epitome of all street races and
circuits. Unlike the Isle of Man event in June of every year that runs strictly bikes,
Macau runs several car classes in addition to the motorcycle race itself. It is also
considered to be one of the most historic of all street races from what I was able to
find on the subject. Of course, as with all street circuits, questions of safety in the areas
of lack of run off, painted stripes in the middle of the track, and solid armco-style barriers
lining the track are only a few of the things that come into play when racing on anything that
is less then a safety-coordinated or homologated track. At least in the minds of anyone that
is comfortable running in excess of 150mph on a 2 wheeled rocket.....
You can read the press release as posted by the great people at http://www.roadracingworld.com/ in
addition to the official website info as well as a link I pulled off of Wikipedia.org that explains
the overall history, gives info on the winners of each respective class over the years, and
talks about the prominence that the race event holds in the Euro-Asian markets, as well.
Americans have historically run this event over the course of the years, but only one man
from the U.S.A. has ever won the bike portion of the event--Kevin Schwantz, the '93 500cc
Grand Prix Champion. He managed to bag the win in 1988.
The shots I have included on this little story are of one Mr. Michael Barnes on the #34
M4 Emgo-sponsored Suzuki GSXR600 while running practice at Road America for the old
FX class during June 2008's event. Michael has been around the racing scene for longer
then I can remember--at least the late '80s. He is a class act on and off the track and has
ridden darn near all types of bikes in a variety of classes over the years. In the shots above
he is on the TeamRoadRacingWorld.com owned/run team of John Ulrich and was teamed
last year with Martin Cardenas. We wish Michael and the others a very big thumbs up
and hope they can go over across the pond and bring home the goods--albeit in one piece,
please! Go get 'em and be safe......

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