Saturday, October 10, 2009

Josh Hayes Comments on The Silly State of Affairs With AMA/DMG Road Racing.....

I came acrossed a VERY interesting article on while
catching up on some reading this w/e. Being as how we aren't seeing any
2 wheeled racing this w/e--at least nothing on pavement--this is a good
w/e to catch up on old races on DVR/tape and on reading as well.
The following link comes out of my old hometown of Iowa City, IA.--go HAWKS--and is penned by Chris Martin. Chris speaks with former AMA FX Champion
Josh Hayes about the current silly season, which is getting MUCH sillier now
that we know that American Honda, and possibly Kawasaki, as well, will be gone
from the paddock in '10 in AMA Road Racing. The following is a really good
perspective from a top-flight factory rider and what he thinks about the current
mess as being driveled on by the folks from the Damaged Motorcycle Guys-run
series. And how it all has been handled--or not--and his outlook as to what
can/may happen for the future.
Folks, it's not looking good, in spite of the fact that DMG has said they would
do away with rolling starts and pace cars/bikes and try to enforce the rules
more uniformly. As this article is being posted, we are already 10 days past
a schedule releasing date, VERY few tracks on board for next year, riders and
teams in limbo as to how to proceed for next year not only with sponsors and
lack of financial planning. And this is just the big tip of the Titanic-homing
iceberg. And after the way the 2009 season went with the ups and downs of
Damaged Motorcycle Guys racing, well, the future is worse then bleak.........
While you are seething in the mess that is, the shots above will at least help
to bring back good memories before the crap got so deep. Shown in action
as well as in the paddock area are some shots of Josh practicing in the old
FX class at Road America on his Team Erion Parts Unlimited CBR600RR
FX-spec bike during the first wet practice session of the w/e. And the
layout of the Kevin Erion-run teams facilities in the paddock help to show
what a sano program that team runs and always has.

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