Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Team Scot Forced to Withdraw from MotoGP Due to Lack of Sponsorship for '10....

Due to financial reasons--like we all haven't heard that line a LOT lately--Team Scot will
be forced to withdraw from the MotoGP class for next season. According to the link below
from the fine folks at www.crash.net, they had been very close to signing Alex de Angelis-
as announced in a previous post here-but due to sponsorships and the like NOT coming
together, they will now concentrate their efforts on the new Moto2 class that is
replacing the mid-size ring ding, 250GP class.
While Team Scot waves goodbye along with their lovely umbrella lady at the Indy round
of the MotoGP Championship this year, you can read the official release here. And thanks
again to the great folks at www.crash.net (VERY cool site, people.....) for their work and
efforts for making this news available to us! And thanks for coming by and checking us
out here at Stu's Shots R Us! We dig company!

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