Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Former WSBK Champ Neil Hodgson Appears to be Heading Home....

Well, it seems that the fall-out is really beginning to happen now that Honda has
officially withdrawn from the 2010 AMA Road Racing Series. Former '03 World
Superbike Champion and '00 British Superbike Champ Neil Hodgson, who has
been riding for Honda here in the States since the beginning of the '07 AMA season
and who has blessed us in America by first coming to the States and riding for Ducati
originally in '05, appears to be headed home. And by home, I mean as in across the pond,
back to the Isle of Man, and what at least now appears to be looking very strongly to be
another run in the British Superbike Series for 2010. With Honda having officially pulled
the plug for racing in the AMA/DMG series here in the States as of last Friday, Neil spoke
with the folks at SpeedTV.com and stated that things just looked much better back home
for the future. But even more so, stated how bad things really are here with the Damaged
Motorcycle Guys running the AMA series into the ground.
Check out the link from SpeedTV.com and form your own opinion, but it sure doesn't bode
well for racing in the States and how (un) professionally the AMA is and has been running
the show:
The way I read it is what it has been looking like all year. It sure is hard to polish a turd...
And to lose a great personality, let alone a great champion and competitor like Neil Hodgson, well, it pretty much shows you whose head is where and it sure isn't Neil's that mis-placed
and looks even more dark for what has been a very dark year in AMA Road Racing.
That's my opinion, but it seems to be shared by more then a few. Here is another look at the mess from the pen of Dean Adams from SuperBikePlanet.com as to how dark it really is:
And just added on Sat. 9/26/09 @ 0900 EDT, this week's version of Honda Road Racerhead from the great folks at http://www.roadracerx.com/, this is a look at the Honda pull-out as well as a
look at the overall picture in the AMA/DMG scenario for the past, present, and future as
we have seen it and know it and how it could be for the future and beyond. Interesting read so
please take the time to read it as well:
The pics above were taken when things were much grander in the scheme of things as far
as racing in the States is concerned. They are all of Mr. Hodgson and were taken in race 1
of the AMA weekend at Road America in June '08. This was on the official Team Honda
entry #100 as opposed to the Team Corona Honda that Neil rode in the series this year.
Very sorry to hear all this and all I can say is we are losing a great talent and a great guy!
Having had the chance to speak with Neil a couple of times in the AMA paddock over the
course of the last 4-5 years, the man was not only very congenial, approachable, and
wonderful to talk to. Let alone his talent on the track! Here's to hoping for great things
for Neil in the future and to blessing us with his talents while he was here riding in the States.
It was great havin ya mate! Take care and God Bless in whatever you do and where ever you
land on 2 wheels......

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